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Superhero Surprise

Author(s): W.M. Kirkland

Superhero Surprise by W.M. Kirkland
gay erotic contemporary romance novel
Release Date: 02/13/2014
Cover Art by The Muse Charmer

Using the need to create a video for a college class, Chris asks Ryan to put his gymnastics skills to use as a superhero. Not only will Ryan’s skills make a kick ass video, but Chris will also get to see the sexy athlete in spandex.

Ryan thought Chris would never ask him to star in anything, let alone Chris’ fantasies, something Ryan has wanted for a long time. After showing off his physique and his gymnast’s skills, he plans to seduce Chris. Except Ryan aggravates an old injury, ending the film shoot.

Not one to waste an opportunity, Ryan offers Chris a surprise and proves he really is a super hero…in bed.

Note: This is a re-release of this title, which was previously published with another publisher.


The blue mats and apparatuses were the terrain of a completely foreign country to Chris Taylor. He looked at the screen of his handheld video camera, panning a bit to check the angles. They were good.

“You ready?” Ryan Iksobod, his good friend and gymnastics’ wonder boy —or at least he was before a blown ACL ruined his career —yelled from his spot by the pommel horse. The routine was simple, or at least Ryan had assured him it was. Seeing Ryan in the spandex superhero outfit that his friend Mike’s girlfriend, a funky fashion designer, had sewn made nothing simple or easy. The blue spandex should have made Ryan look like a cartoon character. Instead, the overhead light caught metallic strands in the outfit, highlighting Ryan’s ripped physique. His short, blond hair stood up in spikes around his head. And even from across the gym, Chris saw the brilliant blue of Ryan’s eyes. He was…perfect.

Chris shifted his weight and willed his cock to behave. Just because Ryan kept his muscled, gymnastics physique in good form by swimming and doing what he could in the gym in spite of his bad knee, didn’t mean that he’d appreciate having Chris drool all over him. Except, the glimpses and not-so-subtle touches they’d been giving each other while working on this project made Chris wonder otherwise.

“Yep. You sure your knee will be able to handle this?” If they did this well, the video could go viral. If it went badly…well, that, too, could go viral and maybe end up on Tosh.0. Yeah, he sure as hell didn’t want that to happen. They still got stopped in bars after Mike face-planted off his skateboard. “You that guy in the video?” he’d get asked amid guffaws and unkind laughter. Chris swallowed hard. If this fucked up in any way, it’d be on his head. He was the one who’d suggested this as a way to enter the Superhero of The Year contest that the local comic store was holding in conjunction with a signing by several movie and comic stars. Plus, he needed a video for a special effects class he was taking at the local college.

Ryan gave an experimental hop onto the pommel horse, then returned to the blue mat. “I’m good, man. You worried?”

“Should I be?” Chris lifted the camera into place. “Okay, Golden Man, take one. Action.”


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Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 02/12/2014
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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