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Tangled Hearts

Author(s): Cherri Miller

It all started with a ride on one of London’s Big Red double-decker buses…

When Mandy’s beloved Ian falls in love with an American woman touring in London, she sets out on a quest to take Ian all for herself. Between Thetford and London, Ian and her sugar daddy, and all the schemes she’s wrapped around everyone she knows, Mandy must pit all her resources and skills against her unwitting American adversary.

She’s determined, alluring and able to fulfill any man’s desires—but can she manage to take back Ian? Sometimes love starts with an erotic kiss, but is so much more than carnal pleasure.

Mandy is about to learn the lesson of a lifetime.


Her most cherished memory of Ian was the evening of her eighteenth birthday. Her parents had arranged for a surprise dinner party at a local pub and had invited several of her friends.

The evening progressed with pleasant conversation of school days and what the future held for them as a group. Ian threw glances at her and make little hand gestures as if he wanted her to leave the table. Taking the hint, she excused herself from the table and headed for the powder room. She had scarcely made it to the hall when she felt a tug on her sweater. She turned to see Ian with his finger to his lips.

”Shh,” he whispered, pointing to a door in the hallway.

“What are you up to?” she replied.

“I have a birthday surprise for you.” He grinned at her. Curious, she followed him through the door.

“It’s a linen closet!” she said. “What could you possibly have for me in the linen closet?”

“Me,” he answered with a sheepish grin. He pulled her in and pushed the door closed.

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Publisher: Eternal Press

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