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The Journey

Author(s): Gianna Bruno

As the North prepares to battle the South, a witch, a sailor and escaped slaves discover the journey is not about a destination, but rather overcoming the obstacles along the way.

They don't hang witches in Salem anymore, but Milena's punishment is being shunned. When her lover Thomas' ship is lost at sea, she fears he perished with the rest of the crew leaving her alone in a town bracing for a war over slavery, but still rife with an older form of prejudice.

Milena travels into the Forest and Sea Otherworlds to search for him, paying the fairies for her passage with bodily pleasures. Circe, the evil mermaid holding Thomas hostage, demands even more. She faces off against Circe in her underwater lair, endures the wrath of a colony of escaped slaves, and learns the terrible truth of what led to the shipwreck that left Thomas as its only survivor.

On the long journey, Milena learns to use her powers in ways she never imagined and discovers surprising truths about her own past. Left questioning everything she has ever believed, she must make the choice whether to return home with Thomas or stay in the Otherworlds forever.


He smelled like soap and leather, and she drew in deep breaths to capture as much as she could of his essence.

Can any mariner explain his attraction to the sea? His hand tousled her hair. I must be off, before I change my mind. Thomas slung his duffel over one shoulder.

Return safely to me before the winters chill. Milenas tears finally flowed.

Thomas dabbed her damp cheeks with his shirtsleeves. Witchs tears are good luck, I suppose.

There is no magic in my sadness, Thomas.

Ill let them just dry where they area trace of you to breathe in when I raise my hand to my face.

Perhaps they will work magic and keep your hands off other women. Milena infused teardrops with her essence and blew gently to disperse the spell over him.

Thomas buried his face in her mane and whispered in her ear. I swear there will never be another woman for me. When he pulled away, she held tightly onto his hand. Their eyes met. Thomass lips brushed hers. He let go, grabbed his bags and dashed to catch the ship.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615722488
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 12/07/2010
Publisher: Eternal Press

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