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Tip of the Iceberg

Author(s): Saloni Quinby

Book Summary

Ross has just risen to leadership in a post-revolutionary world. Lucien is the majordomo at the new ruler's great house. Though he has admired Ross from afar and fantasizes about sex with the handsome leader, he's taken by surprise when Ross returns his interest.

Lucien knows that an affair with a lover he'll never have outside of the bedroom will break his heart, but refusing a man as compelling as Ross isn't an option. Will radicals bent on assassinating the new leader destroy their love or fortify it?


Praise for Tip of the Iceberg

"A short story, Tip of the Iceberg by Saloni Quinby is perfect entertainment for when you want something quick but oh so satisfying."

-- 4 Stars from Elise, Sensual Reads

"Ross and Lucien are fully developed characters, especially Lucien... plenty of plot to progress the story. This is a well-rounded story MM fans will enjoy as I did."

-- J9, The Romance Reviews
Tip of the Iceberg
Saloni Quinby
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Saloni Quinby

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

In accordance with recent protocol, Ross didn't move into Lionel View -- the great house in which the world ruler resided -- until after he was sworn in as leader of the planet Hailthirn.

Years of oppression had finally come to an end. After a long and bloody revolution, Hailthirn would have a leader who spoke for the people and wanted what was best for them. There would be peace and freedom.

Lucien was both eager and anxious as he stood in the foyer, waiting for Ross and his security agents to approach the door. He had admired Ross for so long. Having the opportunity to serve him was both a personal and professional triumph.

When Lucien had received the offer to oversee the household at Lionel View, he could scarcely believe he'd been chosen above many older and more experienced applicants. Still, over the past ten years he'd worked in two prominent households. His employers had been greatly pleased with him and had provided excellent references.

Despite his disciplined lifestyle, Lucien was a romantic at heart. He believed that fate, along with his credentials, was responsible for his new position.

Though he'd longed to be present at Ross's inauguration, he and the other servants had been busy preparing the house and undergoing a thorough security check.

At first, some of the older members of the staff had tested him, seeing if the relatively younger man could be intimidated. When faced with Lucien's polite but domineering personality, they quickly backed down. While he wanted to be approachable to his subordinates, he would be respected. Earning respect meant using a tighter rein on some than on others.

He glanced one last time at the members of the staff who stood at attention, awaiting their new master. Drawing a deep breath, Lucien opened the door just before Ross and his entourage reached the front steps.

The first thing Lucien noticed was that Ross was shorter than he'd expected, possibly an inch or so less than Lucien's five feet ten inches. The second thing he noticed was that Ross's eyes were even more intense in person than they were on screen. Almond-shaped and greenish-blue, they fixed on Lucien and made the majordomo's heart skip a beat.

"Good afternoon, sir," Lucien said as Ross stepped into the foyer. "Welcome to Lionel View. My name is Lucien Normanson and it will be my pleasure to serve you."

Ross glanced at him, his expression stern. Then the faintest smile touched his finely drawn lips and he nodded.

"Please allow me to introduce the staff," Lucien continued. The introductions went well for the most part. One of the maids got an unfortunate case of hiccups as a result of excessive nerves, but Ross either didn't notice or graciously overlooked it.

Once the staff dispersed, Lucien escorted Ross to the master suite.

The suite had a sitting room and a bedroom connected by an archway. The bedroom had an adjoining bath with a sunken tub as well as a spacious shower. Browns and greens dominated the suite. Lucien had overseen the redecorating and he hoped Ross liked the colors and style.

Once the security officers were satisfied that the suite was safe, Ross dismissed them.

"Is there anything I can do for you, sir?" Lucien asked.

Ross walked to the double doors leading to a balcony overlooking the flower garden. He stared through the glass, drew a deep breath and released it slowly.

"Sir?" Lucien pressed after a moment.

Ross blinked and turned to him. "I'm sorry. No, I don't need anything."

Once again those piercing eyes nearly took Lucien's breath away. He nodded and said, "Dinner will be at seven. I'll leave you to relax until then, unless you would like a tour of the house now?"

Glancing at his watch, Ross said, "No, I think after dinner will be a better time for the tour. Thank you, Normanson." Lucien bowed his head and headed for the door.


Lucien stopped and turned on his heel to face the leader. "Sir?"

For several seconds Ross held his gaze and Lucien felt like a specimen under a microscope. If Ross had this effect on everyone, Lucien understood how he'd led the rebellion and been elected the new world leader. Though his stature wasn't intimidating, he had presence and emanated strength far greater than physical. "Have all my belongings arrived yet?"

"Yes, sir. I've unpacked for you, but if something isn't to your liking --"

"I'm sure it will be fine. You may go."

Lucien nodded and left.

He'd felt certain Ross had something else to say that had nothing to do with luggage, but it wasn't his place to question him, at least not until he knew him better. Some majordomos formed close relationships with their clients -- while remaining professional of course. Deep inside Lucien fantasized about becoming Ross' trusted confidant. Though it was improbable, he couldn't help dreaming.

Ross spent the rest of the day in meetings while Lucien attended to household business.

The stress of the new leader's arrival must have affected Lucien more than he'd anticipated because that night he no sooner climbed into bed than he fell into a deep sleep. Unfortunately, it wasn't restful, but it was incredibly erotic. In it he and Ross made passionate love right on the front lawn of Lionel View.

Lucien awoke with his heart pounding, his sheets damp with sweat and his spent cock still tingling in the aftermath of a powerful orgasm. Shaken, he rose from bed and walked to the bathroom where he took a cool shower.

If he intended to fulfill his obligations and keep his job, not to mention avoid putting his career in jeopardy, he needed to control his libido.

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