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Author(s): Dany Sirene

All Aiden wanted was to sneak away to the human world for a couple of nights of X-rated fun. And it was going well, too well--until he got tricked by a servant of a rival Fae lord and found himself trapped, unable to return home.

All Keith wanted was to fulfill his master's order and get the reward a half-Fae can only dream of. Soon Aiden and Keith realize theres more between them than a passing sexual attraction, and they both start to question the things they took for granted. And change in ways they never expected.


Suddenly Aiden found himself locked in between the mans trunk-like arms on each side of him. The man smelled like too much cologne, sweat, and alcohol. Aiden winced. You didnt come here to be all by yourself, did you?

Aiden gulped. He looked around for a potential escape when the door opened again.

I think you should leave him alone, said a new, unfamiliar voice. Aiden tried to see over the giants shoulder, but could only see a flash of black hair.

Mind your own business, Keith, snarled the giant. Yet the tension of his jaw and the squint of his eyes did not escape Aiden. The man could pick Aiden up and snap him in half. And yet this Keith person made him nervous.

The owner. Keiths voice was melodious, but masculine. Will not be happy to hear that youre harassing customers again.

The giants body tensed and went limp. Aiden saw the muscles in his face twitch as he stepped aside and slunk out of the bathroom without another word.

Aiden found himself face to face with his rescuer.

He didnt give the impression of someone who could threaten this giant and get away with it. Hell, the kid barely looked old enough to be allowed here--twenty, twenty-one, no older. He was so scrawny it was a wonder his slightly baggy jeans, weighed down with patches and chains, stayed on at all. A black sleeveless shirt, with a logo of two tribal wings, revealed the extensive and colorful tattoos covering his arms, stunning designs done with meticulous attention to detail. His long black hair, which could perhaps have used some shampoo, hung halfway down his back and in his face Keith pushed the strands out of his eyes and tucked them behind his ear, self-conscious, before smiling at Aiden with a warm familiarity.

Dont mind him, Keith said. He shrugged.

He seemed to mind you, Aiden pointed out.

I know the owner, Keith said, winking. Thats all.

Aiden tried not to think too much of what he meant by know the owner. Too late. All kinds of enticing visuals filled his head.

Anyhow, Im Keith. He held out a narrow hand with long, graceful fingers. His grip was unusually strong for his build and his palm hot and dry.


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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61333-018-0
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 08/05/2011
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

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