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Underwater Romance

Author(s): Ana Star

Lydia’s eighteenth birthday gift is a sea cruise with her parents to the Antilles Islands. There she meets the gorgeous native clam collector, Soma. Their attraction for each other is instant and they become lovers.

According to native custom, Soma now believes Lydia is his wife and offers her family wedding gifts. Even though the family dismisses the entire affair as a humorous misunderstanding, Lydia feels mystified and confused.

The family is invited and takes part in the festivities celebrating the native fertility goddess. The festivities proceed in unexpected ways.

Will Lydia accept the native customs or choose her family and break Soma’s heart?


“Lydia! It’s time to leave, now. Soma! Where on earth are those two?” Donald yelled, annoyed. Soma gazed into her eyes and stole a kiss. It was passionate and comforting. Lydia wished it would never end. Soma pulled away, grabbed her by the hand and they both swam under water toward the boat. Lydia had a hard time swimming because she was sore from the lovemaking. Soma helped her climb up the boat before he also got on.

“Did you enjoy your swim, Lydia?” Donald asked with a big smile.

“Huh, yes,” Lydia responded with guilt. He couldn’t know what happened, could he? She wondered and scrutinized his face for a hint of knowledge, but it didn’t seem as though he did. Relieved, she sat on the bench, unable to look behind her at Soma. She knew his eyes examined her and it made her smile in delight. Her blissful thoughts quickly changed to panic.

What did I do? How could I have done that so easily? She thought, ashamed. I can’t believe I lost my virginity to a stranger! Her cheeks burned as she tried to concentrate on the horizon. Soma distracted her thoughts by sitting next to her. She looked down at the floor of the boat and hoped no one would notice how anxious and troubled she was.

It was nice though, and it felt good, she remembered, as she gazed at Soma’s bronzed legs. A sensuous heat arose within her again as her stare went up to his thighs, to the bulge between his legs, growing harder again. She wondered what would have happened if they had continued.

She felt a warm moisture drip into her bathing suit as she grew more and more hot. Soma’s finger delicately touched her knee and slowly slid up to her thigh and hips before sliding back to her knee. This sent chills all over her and awoke gooseflesh on her skin. His loving touch made her forget her surroundings as she finally looked up at his beautiful, tired brown eyes.

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