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Valen-Tease Day

Author(s): R.J. Fury

Reggie Brooks is bummed to be working on Valentine’s Day, especially when his first call of the night turns out to be to a local university dorm. The community college student turned traveling masseuse isn’t exactly in the mood to schlep his 60-pound massage table into some snooty client’s dorm while the whole school disses him.

That is, until he arrives at room 814 and sees his client; Eden Carroll, a junior who’s just broken up with her boyfriend. Feeling sorry for herself, she’d figured a nice, neutral massage was just what she needed. She’d expected some aging hippy with incense and cinnamon oil. Instead, she gets Reggie and his Abercrombie & Fitch good looks and expert hands.

When the simple massage turns hot and heavy, Reggie informs the beautiful Eden that Mobile Masseuse rules prevent penetration of a client. Instead he can do “anything but,” as long as she doesn’t pay him. The two agree to satisfy each other with hands – and mouths – only, and even coin a new holiday: Valen-Tease Day.

The two share an intimate night of steamy almost sex that leaves them both satisfied – even if it was just a “tease.” Fortunately, the session has lasted so long that by the time they’re both ready for Round Two, Valen-Tease Day is over – but the real fun’s just begun!

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-936394-78-4
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 02/10/2011
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

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