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Sea Kiss

Author(s): Mary Winter

Sea Kiss by Mary Winter
erotic fantasy short story

Mardella had never felt at home in her coastal community, until a swim in the ocean introduces her to a mythical creature and she discovers why she’s never felt completely at home on land. For only the touch of an Eilurchin, a sea creature of myth, can raise Mardella’s passions.


The waves lapped at the shore, and I stared across the lost ocean, across the rocks that tumbled into the shore as of the God himself had been playing.  I sat on a bolder, looking into the blue expanse, and not for the first time, wished I could throw myself into it and never rise again.  Mother had affectionately called me her Eilurchin, a sea creature that lived and swam in the lost seas.  Sailors spoke of their golden cities beneath the depths.  I would have dismissed my mother’s claim, except for the Koystara Pearl pendant I wore about my neck.  The pearl was easily as big as my first knuckle, and I had been offered copious amounts of money to sell it.  I never did.

I tossed my tunic over my head, bearing my breasts to the sunlight.  Leaning back on my bolder, I let the heat of the sun bake into my skin, already tanned from many hours outdoors.  My nipples pebbled at the first hint of a cool breeze across them, and for a moment, I envisioned the caress to be that of a man and not nature.

It had been too long, many months at least, since I felt the touch of man’s hand.  Not since Ratal, the blacksmith’s son, had comforted me after the loss of my parents nearly an entire year ago.  His touch had been gentle, but then he, too, had been killed by the kick from a wild stallion.  The hardy Koyst ponies ran through the marshes with little regard for man or other beasts.  Ratal had been trying to capture him but such wild creatures didn’t need to be captured.  Like I didn’t want to be caught.

I pursed my lips and rose from my boulder to head towards the sea.  Caught in the web of marriage.  I’d entertained many proposals since my parents’ deaths.  The young healer shouldn’t be alone, the city folk said, but they didn’t know me, didn’t know the lust for the sea that ran in my veins, far stronger than my lust for men.  I stood at the sea’s edge, felt the wind tease my nipples.  I discarded the wrap that served as a skirt, and naked, I stood there, letting the salty water caress my toes.

It felt good.  Too good really considering the chill in the air and my naked flesh.  I stepped in farther, so that the water circled my ankles like a lover holding me fast.  Then to my knees, where the waves lapped at the sensitive spot behind my knees.  The waves splashed my thighs, but higher up I was wet.  I wanted to dive into the water, to feel the ocean sliding between my legs and into every crevice of my body.

Stepped farther into the ocean, then dove in, a clean slice beneath a wave.  Overhead, I felt the rolling of the ocean surface, but I swam towards the bottom.  Little fish, barely a finger’s length long, darted out of my way to hide among the rocks.  I paid them little heed.  I twitched my eyes, then opened them, my third eyelid coming across to shield the sensitive flesh from the salty water.  Mother had called me her little Eilurchin as an endearment, but I knew the truth of her words.  I knew that my human father hadn’t sired me.

I didn’t feel the need to breathe.  Another legacy from my water-bound parent, I surmised.  I could hold my breath for minutes, surfacing only at the last possible second.  I headed for the surface, remembering to close my eyes like a human and not open them until I felt the sun on my head.
I broke the surface.  Sunlight pounded down on my face as I lifted it to the sky.  Another wave rolled towards shore, and after gulping a quick breath of air, I plunged beneath the surface again.

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Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 08/15/2012
Publisher: Undina Press

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