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Bound by Magic

Bound Series: Book 1

Author(s): Amanda Cummings

Can magic and reality work together or will they be dealt a fate worse than death?

Two worlds held together by magic, the Earth realm and the realm of Aldar. Amber Moyer is a Chosen from our world. As the time draws near Samhain, Tavis, from Aldar, seeks her out in dreams. They are soul mates. Together they sustain his realm with the life giving magic of the Earth realm.

But there is evil that seeks Aldar. Will Tavis and Amber be able to overcome the evil? Or suffer the same fate as Amber's mother so many years ago?




Amber bolted upright in bed, her eyes adjusting to the darkness of the room. What the hell was that?

She tried to shake off the remnants of the dream she’d been having, but her mind kept drifting back to it. She listened for more unfamiliar noises, yet found it very difficult to stay focused on her surroundings. Not hearing anything after a few moments, she figured it had probably been her cat Sophie getting into some mischief or another, having knocked over something Amber would have to clean up later.

Her heart rate picked up again as her mind began to replay the dream. She was spread out on her bed while unknown hands touched and caressed her body. Remembering how those hands worked their magic instantly had Amber aching and wanting as if she were still in her dream. Shifting her legs slightly under the covers, Amber realized how wet she was.

She muttered a curse and threw herself back down on the bed.

“Damn cat. Just when it was getting good you had to go and wake me up,” she grumbled as she rolled over and fluffed her pillows, attempting to get comfortable. Maybe, if she were lucky, she could get back to where the dream had abruptly ended.

Or not.

Muttering again about her damn cat, Amber slid out of bed to do a quick survey of her house, making sure all was well. She ran her fingers through her shoulder-length, coffee-colored hair and grabbed it up to pull back into a ponytail. She reached for her pajamas that lay on the floor next to her bed, a skimpy tank and low-cut cotton bottoms. They were comfortable to wear, but clothing of any kind in bed seemed too restricting.

As Amber passed by the mirror above the dresser, she caught a glimpse of her reflection and leaned in closer to see her cheeks were flushed. Once more her mind rushed back to her dream, remembering those hands and how they trailed a fiery path up her legs to her inner thighs…Amber let out a sigh.

What would those hands have done next? Would they have spread her thighs to touch her slick, wet folds? Or would they have continued up over her stomach to her breasts, squeezing and rolling her nipples?

Amber’s gaze drifted to the beautifully hand-carved box that lay on the other side of the room. The treasures hidden in there could take away some of the sexual tension that had built so intensely inside her. If she didn’t do something soon she might explode, especially since this had been the fifth night in a row she’d had this dream and not done anything about it.

But first—check the house. If all was well, then she could play!

After giving the house a thorough sweep and finding nothing out of place, Amber walked back down the hall to her bedroom.

Amber lived a very quiet life with a comfortable routine. She awoke every morning before the sun; had a full-time job; and a coffee date every Sunday morning with her mom. Life was normal. Yet since her last birthday, emptiness grew inside her, a gaping hole that kept her from feeling whole and complete. Crawling back in bed and hoping her dream man would return, loneliness settled inside her. She was tired of being alone, and if the only reprieve from that was her phantom dream lover, then she would take it.

Amber had not been disappointed.

He returned, yet this time it was different than the previous dreams. It started the same, his hands gently caressing up her legs, causing Amber to shift and sigh. When he reached her hips, he continued up to her breasts and lightly blew on her nipples. They stiffened and peaked, making them perfect for him to bend down and suck one into the warmth of his mouth.

A moan slipped past Amber’s lips as she reached up to tangle her fingers in his hair. He released her nipple from the wet heat of his mouth and looked into her eyes. Never once in the previous dreams had he ever looked at her. Amber’s heart pounded, and she realized she was holding her breath, waiting to see what would happen next. They just stared, holding each others gazes. His eyes were so blue, searing her straight to her soul. She sensed a longing in his stare, a longing she had been feeling for far too long herself.

His soft hair slipped through her fingers as she moved her hand to cup his cheek. With a slight pull, he complied with her unspoken demand, knowing what she wanted. Their lips met and her breath hitched. His lips were so soft and his warm breath caressed her cheek. Gently licking his tongue over her lips, she opened to him. Ah, God, what this dream man did to her! Shivers of desire swept through her. He kissed her like a man who had gone too long without food or drink, as if starved and she were his only sustenance.

Amber lifted her hips as he ground his hard cock over her pussy, bringing forth a moan from each of them at the exquisite feel of their bodies pressed together.

“Please,” Amber whispered against his neck when he finally released her mouth. “I need to feel you inside me…something…anything. I’ve waited too long for this. For you.”

Where did that come from? For you? This was a dream, only a dream. But there was something about him, something she couldn’t quite figure out. Something that touched her deeply.

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ISBN (Print):
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Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 05/08/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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