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Collision With Destiny

Author(s): Khloe Wren

When Emma knocks a wolf unconscious with her car, she naturally takes it home with her to make sure it's alright. By the time she gets home, the wolf is awake and as soon as she brings it inside, it transforms into a hot man, Kevin. He spends the night convincing her she is his mate.

The morning after Emma is horrified that Kevin claimed her without her permission … can Kevin convince her he's the werewolf of her dreams?

Emma gripped the steering wheel tight enough to make her knuckles as white as the snow falling outside. She hated driving in the snow. This current snow storm was getting worse quickly; she prayed she made it home before the brunt of the storm hit. She felt her anger grow. Her boss knew she lived out of town, knew this storm was coming. Yet, he'd kept her late at the clinic doing crappy administrative tasks that could have easily waited for Monday morning.

Lost in her thoughts she didn't notice the dark shape on the road until it was too late. She cursed as she stomped on the brakes; her SUV slid on the icy road for a few feet before the chains on her tyres dug into the asphalt and prevented her from going over the edge. Her car came to a halt quickly, but unfortunately, not quite fast enough. She hit the dark shape in front her with a soft thud as her car came to a complete stop. She quickly chucked her hand brake on, grabbed her beanie and gloves and went to check on what she'd hit.

She walked around the front of her car to find a beautiful large grey wolf sprawled out on its side, unconscious in the fresh snow.

"Please don't be dead." She whispered as she knelt by his head and placed a palm over his chest, she was relieved when she felt it rise and fall with slow even breaths and could feel the thumping of his heart - a quick look down his body confirmed he was indeed a boy wolf.

Damn, her female cats were not going to be happy with her. She went back to her car and opened the back hatch, grabbed a tarp and went back to the wolf. With a considerable amount of manoeuvring she got him onto the canvas and then into the rear of her SUV - all without putting her back out. She was impressed. Shaking her head at the fact she'd managed to pick up yet another stray animal, she climbed in and drove the rest of the way home.


By the time she arrived home the wolf was awake. He jumped, seemingly uninjured, from the car when she opened the way.

"Guess I didn't hit you too hard then boy. Come on, come inside where it's warm - but no chasing the cats, you hear me?"

The wolf looked at her like he understood every word before he bounded up the stairs and into her house. Strange. Emma shut the door and turned to have a closer look at her new pet. He was watching her with heated eyes; what the hell was that all about? Suddenly the air around him began to shimmer and with a bright flash the wolf was gone and a very muscular, very naked and very aroused man stood in its place. Her eyes flipped wide open and her jaw hung loose. What. The. Hell?
"Don't worry, I won't be chasing your cats. I'll be too busy chasing you. My mate."

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781454302773
Date Published: 05/16/2013
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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