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Enemy Enchantress

Author(s): Amy Ruttan

The war is over, but the battle has just begun...

Lord Edwin fought bravely for Centeris in the wars. His reward: marriage to a former enemy. On his way to claim his bride, he encounters a maiden who ensnares him and kindles his passion, but, in the blink of an eye, she vanishes.

Aislinn knows the husband she wishes for is no more than a fantasy. Her discovery that this very man is to be hers brings no comfort, for a Centeris could never love her for what she is: Sidhe.

As she tries to hide her true self from the gentle warrior, death stalks her. The perpetrator behind a series of attacks wants more than to destroy the precarious peacethey want her powers.

To save her people, she must reveal herself and risk his love or leave him to face the challengealone.


He couldnt believe what had just happened. His little Mid Dividian wife was a fireball in bed. She had taken him. He had never been taken by a woman before, and male pride dictated that he should be offended, that he should have been the one to ride her. At this moment, though, he didnt care. That was the most satisfying mating he had ever experienced, and he looked forward to the next time.

Maybe there was a benefit to being married to a pagan. He felt the skin of her forehead pressed against his chest. He felt her lips, her hot breath against his skin as she panted. He pulled off his mask and tossed it away to look down at his wife.

His heart skipped a beat as he really looked at the red golden hair hanging over her shoulders. The enchantress rose before him in his mind; she had had red golden curls.

Aislinn, he said, breathing heavily, let me see your face.

She would not move, so he sat up, wrapping his arms around her to brace her as he was still buried inside of her. Her face was still pressed against his chest. Let me look at you.

Slowly, she raised her face and his blood rushed, his heart stopped as all his dreams suddenly came true. The enchantress from the woods was his wife. His search was over before it had even started. She was his by marriage, his forever.

She gasped as their eyes met, hers widening in shock. You, she whispered. It cannot be.

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Publisher: Eternal Press

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