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Healer of the Heart

Author(s): Amy Ruttan

A dream reborn, or a nightmare reawakened…

Cedric is haunted every waking moment by memories of his first wife’s brutal murder at the hands of marauding Daults but he must use the ashes of his life to bury the past and move on in hopes of regaining his wounded reputation in court. The first step: honor his king by taking a bride. Cedric isn’t fool enough to believe he’ll ever find love again.

Bridget had plans to flee to a sect of Runic healers. Before she could set the plan in motion, her abusive father sells her into an arranged marriage to a Centeris lord. Lord Cedric is far different from any man she has ever known; he is kind, gentle…and he has lost heart.

If ever a man needed her healing powers, it was Cedric. But convincing him he deserves to be whole will take time—time she may not have.

She does not want to be here. Cedric couldn’t blame her. What would her reaction be when she saw that her betrothed was a one-legged monster?

“Lord Edwin and Lady Aislinn, it is a pleasure to see you both again.” Sir Gilleonan’s voice rang out, his pleasure evident in his voice. “Lady Christa and Lord Cedric, it is good to see you both as well.”

Cedric inclined his head, his eyes focused on his intended. She raised her head slightly and he tried not to gasp as two blindingly emerald eyes pierced his from under the shadows of her hood. It was like a bolt of lightning piercing him to the quick. He couldn’t have moved, even if he wanted to. He was so entranced by those warm, green eyes that stared at him with curiosity and interest.

The voices in the background were like a muffled din as he focused on those eyes, her eyes. Suddenly the pain he had been feeling seem to melt away as he was drawn into what seemed like the depth of her soul.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615722440
Genre: Fantasy
Date Published: 12/07/2010
Publisher: Eternal Press

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