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A Doctor's Sexy Confession

A Romancing Erotica ebook

Author(s): K. Lyn

When Luci answers an ad to work for a doctor preparing medical students for the real world, the job sounds too good to be true. With excellent pay and the only skill required being “acting sexy”, how could she refuse? The handsome doctor thinks Luci looks a bit young for the job and when she struggles with the “uniform”, he wonders if she is up for the challenge. Luci thinks she is doing quite well until the doctor returns to check on her and finds something he never would have expected. Excerpt: She pulled the skirt up over her long legs and zipped it on the side. “It barely covers my butt.” She looked around, but there were no mirrors inside the little room. She buttoned the blouse which fit snugly over her large breasts. She opened the top drawer and pulled out a pair of stockings that looked like something from the 1950s. They went to her mid thighs and Luci had no idea what to do next. She knew they had to snap somewhere, but where? She slowly and carefully walked to the door, holding the stockings in place. She opened the door and Dr. Haskin began to walk off. “Let’s go, Luci.” “I’m not ready,” she blurted out. The doctor turned on his heel and noticed the young girl struggling with the sheer stockings and he cleared his throat to keep from laughing. “Go back into the room, Luci. I will show you.” Dr. Haskin closed the door behind him after he and Luci had entered the room. Luci stood next to the chair as Dr. Haskin came toward her. He knelt in front of her and slipped his fingers into the top of her stockinged leg and Luci moved away. ******** Luci sat up dazed, and the doctor helped her with her skirt and blouse. “Mmm,” she moaned, her body aching for sex. She followed the doctor back into his house. “Am I leaving now?” “If you want to leave, you may, Luci. However, if you would like me to finish what my medical students have obviously started, come with me.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-6184-5000-5
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 07/29/2011
Publisher: Beau to Beau Books

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