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Anastasia's Foxtrot

Why Angels Dance: Book 3

Author(s): Taylor Kincaid

Though dedicated, Jeremy is a young and inexperienced guardian angel, who also moonlights as a dance instructor in Heaven. He must divide his time between Heaven and earth. The mortal he is currently assigned to is Anastasia, a beautiful eighteen-year-old whose health has been deteriorating. Anastasia, known as Stasie, was born with multiple birth defects and a condition that defied medical science. A model patient, she is a favorite with the hospital staff, and adored by her doting parents.

 Though Stasie has a wonderful attitude concerning her medical condition, there has been a change in the young woman that only Jeremy appears to notice. She has grown weary of testing, treatment, and multiple surgeries. Mentally and emotionally, she has had enough. Though her mother is hopeful about Stasie’s impending kidney transplant, Jeremy knows what is in the young woman’s heart. He knows that Stasie is tired of fighting her disease, and doesn’t want to have the life extending surgery.

 What’s an angel to do?



As Jeremy stepped forward nervously, Daniel implored the young angel to state his case. Jeremy stood before the Angel of Authority, and tried to calm the butterflies in his stomach. Jeremy began to speak, hesitantly at first. Then he found himself blurting his concerns for Anastasia. He ended with the words,

“She is tired of fighting, Daniel. And she doesn’t want to have the surgery. What can I do to prevent this surgery from happening?”

The older, wiser angel replied,

“I am well acquainted with Anastasia’s case. I know she is tired of fighting, and has been for some time now. Yet it is not your place to prevent this surgery from happening, Jeremiah.”

The young angel ventured, “But, Sir, it’s not what she wants.”

Daniel replied,

“I am aware of that. Yet you must allow this surgery to take place. Anastasia has been through so much in her short lifetime. Her body is worn out, and in a weakened condition. The operation will prove too much of a strain for her, and that is as it should be. Allow the surgery to happen, Jeremiah. You must simply consider it a means to an end.”

“Am I to understand that she will not recover this time?” Jeremy asked.

“She will not die in surgery, if that is what you are asking. She will come out of the surgery and linger for a few days.”

Jeremy grew over anxious, and suggested without thinking,

“If that’s the case, then let me spare her the agony of this surgery. I will hurry back to earth and claim her now, while she is on the operating table.”

Jeremy knew instantly that he had made a mistake in blurting his hasty suggestion. He just wanted to be able to spare Stasie from more grief and pain.

Daniel responded,

“What you just suggested is not an option, Jeremiah. We would be deviating from the plan. Anastasia’s time has been set and her days are numbered. It will be soon, very soon.”

Jeremy was feeling concerned. He feared he was standing transparent before his elder. He had allowed himself to become emotionally involved with his mortal. He had broken the rules. He couldn’t help but wonder how much trouble he was in.

As if the Angel of Authority had read his thoughts, he said,

“You know the rules, Jeremiah, and you have broken them…”

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ISBN (Print):
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Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 08/11/2011
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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