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Arrested by her Sheik - Part 3

Arrested By Her Sheik

Author(s): Honey Jans

Sheik!  Sheik!  Arrest Me!

Trapped and arrested on an island with a sexy Arab-Greek Sheik, are you up to see what happens next?

Mix one quiet librarian looking for a good time.  A sexy Arab-Greek sheik in cops clothing signing on to teach her all about sex.  And criminals who will stop at nothing to get what they want...namely her dead.  And you have Arrested by her Sheik.  I hope you’ll come along on this thrill ride of adventure as Mandy Wilson finds out what it’s like to be Arrested by her Sheik.



     Nick held his sexy prisoner against him like the precious treasure he now believed that she was.  When had he come to believe her?  When she’d been so stunned to be shot at?  Or when she’d gotten excited about the possibility that he’d blindfold her? He hadn’t missed the flash of innocent excitement in her eyes.  Or maybe it was when she’d begged him to fuck her?  No it’s been when she’d turned out to be a virgin, and her reaction that she’d expected him to reject her.   In that moment he vowed to protect her at all cost.  And that meant he had to let her be and go to work.  Think like a cop for pities sake and not like a love struck fool. 

     He reluctantly let her go and rolled out of bed.  He wryly looked down at his disheveled state.  Since when had he let a woman lead him by his cock in the bedroom and fuck her in a rush like a teenager on a hot date?  Since he’d met sexy Mandy Wilson.  With a wry shake of his head he put himself to rights then crossed the room to his sat phone.  It couldn’t be traced like a cell phone could and something told him the gang chasing them had that kind of expertise.  He strode out to the front porch, just to make sure that they hadn’t been followed.  He’d been too sex-drunk before to pay much attention to security.  Another reason to treat her like a prisoner until this was over.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0198-1
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 06/28/2012
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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