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Art & Soul

Author(s): Melody Knight, N.D. Hansen-Hill

When Penelope Mallory murders Rollyn Rys' painting, he has no choice but to track her down. After all, Rollie is a spy, frequently out of town while saving the world. He can't have people like Pen running around, devaluing art, particularly when his family maintains several of the most prestigious galleries in town.

Things go terribly wrong, and instead of warning her away, Rollie somehow ends up instilling her in the Rys Gallery, where she can be nothing but trouble. He vanishes to parts unknown after giving her the best job of her life, but without arranging for her paycheck. Pen is near destitute when she decides she must take steps.

Challenges arise when one of the Gallery's newest acquisitions takes on an evil cast, and Pen realizes it needs only her touch to set it loose to wreak havoc. Demon or not, havoc abounds as Rollie determines that whatever Pen's effect on pieces of art, her touch is something he can't live without or can he?



Rollie picked up on Jast's singular gait before he rounded the corner.

Damn his hide! he thought fondly. Urging Jast out of a boob-stocked Gallery was like asking a kid to forego a candy shop.

"Go look at that—" Rollie gave him a shove in the direction of the boob mountain. Every rise was topped with a nipple, and he was certain the crevices were more explicit than those usually seen on mountain sides. It was just the kind of art form to appeal to Jast, though. Rollie needed a few moments alone with La Phénomène.

And he didn't want Jast to steal a march on him.

Competitive spirit be damned.

A swish of silk and she was there—ever so much more subtle than Jast. Except for her scent, of course. It wasn't the headachy kind—strong or overpowering—but it was rich, evocative.

It evoked a few memories from him. His brow furrowed as he replayed a sexual fantasy he must have had in his delirium.

Dear God! Rollie cleared his throat. Hard to dispel sexual fantasies when surrounded by them. He suddenly wished he hadn't sent Jast back to the boob area. It would have been easier to downplay Jast's overt interest in anything female, rather than betray any interest of his own.

Intriguing, this. Rollie never had problems talking to women, unless it was his Aunt Denise, and she didn't count.

And Pen wasn't anything like her. Pen's lush lips—oh, yes, he was remembering that, too—betrayed a bit of tension, and there was the barest sheen of perspiration on her brow.

Sexual tension.

Ah-hah! So, lady wasn't totally unaffected by his presence. Her breasts—

Rollie stopped himself. He was exhibiting an embarrassing lack of control, and God help him if he didn't have a stiffie pressing against his pants. No way to hide it, either. The damned brochure just wasn't large enough. He could hardly dangle it down like some modern day loincloth.

Rollie opted to ignore it, instead. What wasn't commented upon didn't exist in polite society.

She commented. "I always thought that was an urban myth." There was tension in her voice, all right, but something else—humor. "You are glad to see me."

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-406-5
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 10/29/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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