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Behind Closed Doors

Author(s): Cooper McKenzie

No one who knew Alaina Rowen would label her as a wild woman. They didn't know that under her prim and proper clothes she wore silk and lace thongs with push up half cup bras or body hugging silk corsets. No one knew that behind closed doors Alaina was a slut who rarely wore clothes and liked to play with her collection of sex toys. That is until Gray Woolphe decided to answer her birthday wish for a man to replace her latest toy.



Using her grandfather's antique letter opener, she cut the tape and opened the box. Licking her lips in anticipation, she sorted through the invoice and ads to pull out her purchase - a neon green realistic looking and feeling vibrator. Her eyes widened and her cunt dampened in preparation. With fingers that trembled with excitement she opened the plastic bag and pulled out the imitation cock with its supplied batteries and installed them. She twisted the base and smiled in hungry delight as it hummed to life.

Turning it off and carrying it with her, Alaina padded to the refrigerator. She pulled two bottles of beer from the six-pack she'd bought the day before and headed to the patio behind the house. Thankfully the evening was soft and warm so she could unwind outside.

Tall thick bushes shielded her yard from the neighbors' view and at this time of evening no one would be traveling the Neuse River that ran behind her property. New Bern, North Carolina was growing, but maintained a majority of its Southern charm, including rolling up the sidewalks at sunset. The warm air caressed her skin causing her nipples to bead and her cunt to dampen further. She set one beer on the café table and carried the vibrator and the second one with her.

"Happy birthday, Alaina." she opened the beer with a swift twist of her wrist. Walking to the edge of the patio, she lifted the beer and toasted the river and the darkening blue sky overhead. "Thank you, God for blessing me with another year. My birthday wish is a good man to replace this," she held up the vibrator and waved it over her head.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-396-9
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 09/17/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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