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Believe: A Halloween Anthology

Author(s): Destiny Wallace

Halloween: The Invitation

Aisha Wiggins has been invited to a mysterious Halloween party.  Little does she know, her costume is more than just a dress.

Halloween: No Love is Lost

Dana thinks it’s strange that her favorite cousin is having her wedding on Halloween; until she finds a journal containing an amazing love story.

Halloween: The Medium's Desire

Lenacan talk to the dead, that comes easy.  Dealing with the living is much more difficult.

Halloween: Sin in a Suit

Shanelle isn't into bad boys anymore; or so she thought until the biggest and baddest of them all makes his move.

The tiny house looked serene.  The light beside the door was not on; in fact there wasn’t even a light bulb there.  The door was painted white like the rest of the house.  There were empty window boxes under the two windows that flanked the door and what appeared to be a small garden to the right.  Dana knocked, mainly out of politeness; the house had to be abandoned.  There was no reason for anyone to actually live in out there.
Dana tried the rusted knob and the door opened easily.  She stepped into the house and shivered.  She felt as if she was stepping into some secret club house.  Dana walked slowly through the kitchen and into the small sitting area.  There was still furniture in the house, it was battered and old, but it made the tiny shack feel like a home.  She ran her hand along the back of the couch as she passed.  To the right was a hallway, which must have lead to the bedrooms and bathroom.
“What the hell are you doing in here?” a deep voice boomed causing Dana to jump a mile.
She turned around to face an extremely large, angry man.  His face was set in a frown, and his clear gray eyes were narrowed.  He had a narrow nose and his thin nostrils were flared.  He was over six foot tall with broad shoulders evident under his black jacket.  His dark wash jeans were frayed at the bottoms and his boots were caked in mud.  He snatched off his tattered Mets cap and large black curls fell into his face.
“I…uh…I was just…” Dana couldn’t form a sentence for some reason.  She found herself backing up, which she realized wasn’t a good thing once her back was pressed against what she hoped was a bedroom door.
“Well?” he boomed again.
Dana put her hand behind her and turned the knob.  She stumbled backward into the bedroom and slammed the door.
“Shit!” she swore when she saw there was no lock.  She ran to the window and began to tug it open.  It gave about two inches before it refused to budge.  Dana continued to struggle even as she heard the bedroom door open behind her.
“Hey,” the guy said putting his large hand on the window to stop her fight with it.  “Are you gonna tell me what you’re doing in my house or what?”

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Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 11/01/2012
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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