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Beneath the Surface

Club Strigoi Series: Book 1

Author(s): Sandy Lynn

Lalita loves Hollywood clichés. They allow her the freedom to do practically anything she wants to do. After all, who would ever expect to find a real Vampire living the cliché? Now, the only problem she has is how to sink her teeth into yummy Gareth.
Gareth has been watching Lalita for a while. He can't seem to put his finger on what makes her special. But as much as he wants her, can he deal with her constant flirting and flaunting her body?
Are they willing to allow surface behaviors to keep them apart or will they both take a closer look at the one they want?


“Wow, will you look at La. I wish I had the guts to dance with a man like that,” Tiffany sighed. Of all the members of their clique, she was definitely the quietest. Hell, of all of them she was probably the most normal.
Mona laughed. “If she dances any closer to that guy, they'll be having sex. And sweetie, you're fine just the way you are. I'm not sure the world could handle two Las.”
Gareth had to fight back a snarl. He didn't need to have anyone reminding him of how close Lalita danced with men. Her hips, flexing in time with the primal music, mesmerized him. Lifting the glass and taking a sip of the cold water, Gareth finally gained control of his rage. At least, he thought he was fine. That changed the second the blue-haired man was joined by another man, a blond, and they sandwiched Lalita between them.
He'd had enough. He could not sit there and watch her put on such a display any longer. Pushing away from the table, he strode to the dance floor without saying a word. Reaching the trio, Gareth pushed the blue-haired man away from Lalita and glared at the blond until he backed away from her too.
For a moment she simply stood there, completely still, watching him, a look of disbelief on her face. As a new song started, she closed the gap between them.
“Since you scared off my dance partners, I guess you'll have to dance with me,” she told him.
Before he could either accept or decline her demand, she pulled him closer and started dancing. The way she slid her body against his set him on fire. How can men dance with La and be able to keep their hands off of her? The question raced through his mind as she turned her back to him.
All Gareth could think of was taking her to a secluded corner and finally sinking his cock-and teeth-into her.
As if she weren't teasing him enough with her thong-covered ass, Lalita turned around to face him. She put her hands on his chest and wiggled her hips against his groin.
Unable to resist the temptation any longer, Gareth wrapped his arms around her, each hand cupping an almost completely exposed ass cheek. Pulling her hips tight against his body, he rubbed his hard cock against her barely covered pussy.
He smiled when he heard her sharp intake of breath. Her hands slowly slid down his shirt and pulled it free of his jeans. Gareth hissed with pleasure when Lalita's nails scraped against his flesh. She teased him, her fingers swirling around the hairs that surrounded his nipples.
Lowering his head closer to her ear, he took a deep breath, enjoying her scent. After a heartbeat he whispered, “You're playing with fire, La.”
* * * * * *
Lalita smiled up at him without ceasing her exploration of his upper body or her suggestive dancing. His bare skin felt heavenly beneath her fingertips, just as she'd thought it would. Now that she was touching him, she wasn't sure if she could stop. And even if they weren't actually having sex yet, feeling Gareth's hips brushing against hers in an imitation of the act sent small lightning bolts of pleasure through her body.
“Maybe I like playing with fire,” she told him, rubbing her hips against him even more suggestively. “Maybe I want to see how hot the flames can get.”
“Do you think you can handle the heat?

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-079-4
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 09/22/2008
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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