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Broken Memories

Twists of Fate Anthology

Author(s): Mackenzie S. Cameron

Could you do what had to be done if it came to a friend?

Could you ever kill a friend?

Trapped in the Hell of another's making, Mackenna Wynter is thrown back to her misbegotten youth… back to the rain forests of Brazil where she tried desperately to cure the madness that was tearing a friend apart.

Mackenna Wynter seemed to live two lives, one in the past and one in the present. Memories are coming to her of her past life, and the man who met so much to her. She is trying to work out. Draco will do what ever he can to get Dr. Mackenna Wynter back to her old self. After all he wants her for himself.

A haunting melody, teasing, tormenting, pushing her to the very edge of her sanity… A face that tortured her mind, one that played wildly through her nightmares.

He was her friend, and then he broke her heart. Could Draco bring her back from the brink of madness as he faced the one person he believed to be dead?

Draco Frost, friend, companion, and confidant to Mackenna Wynter wanted more…he wanted her for himself. When she left him to care for what was most precious to her, he had to follow his own heart.

Would he be able to free her mind…or watch helplessly as she was destroyed by broken memories?




Mackenna walked up silently, staring at the door for a long time. Soaked to the skin, she felt chilled to the bone, never to be warm again.

Raising her hand to the door, she dropped it for the hundredth time. Something kept her from going inside.

Call it fear.

Call it what you will.

It was so strong that it fought with the pictures dancing on the edge of her mind. Images just out of her reach.

Taking a deep breath, Mackenna slowly walked through into the Crimson Tide, a blues club she was in the process of restoring to it's formal glory, and then some. She walked to the center of the dance floor, standing still as a single spotlight illuminated her.

Soft music drifted from the speakers.

Closing her eyes for a moment, she let her senses flare out around her. She scanned the shadows, feeling the presence of another circling her.

"I knew you'd come," he whispered softly from the shadows.

Mackenna shrugged her shoulders. "Didn't have much choice."

His laughter echoed, touching off cords in her mind. "There are always choices, Kitten."

She flinched as if struck. It had been so long since anyone had called her that, except for her trainers, Kevin and Jake Alexander.

A lifetime ago.

His voice wrapped around her senses. "I told you I'd come back. Don't you remember? Brazil, the edge of the mountain as you sat curled beside me. The sunset that was different every day, the fires from the night that lit you up like a living flame in my arms."

She shook her head. "Too long ago. That was another person, another world."

His voice was closer. "You haven't changed that much Kitten. I can still see the light that shines from you so brightly."

Mackenna turned slightly, trying to focus on the sound of his voice. "I did what I had to. I didn't…."

"You saved me when you pulled that trigger, never doubt that."

Mackenna shook her head, memories coming back in bits and pieces. "I kept my promise. You changed. You were losing control."

"I loved you. I would have never hurt you. Not intentionally."

She spotted him, his image deliberately blurred. "Kitten, you know you have nothing to fear from me."



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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-032-6
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 10/04/2007
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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