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Chasing Secrets

A Romancing Erotica ebook

Author(s): K. Lyn

Kyra waits patiently for her husband, Ron, to come home for work. She has everything set for a romantic evening, hoping that tonight the two of them will reconnect in the bedroom. It has been a very long time, and Kyra longs for the carefree days when Ron wanted her all the time. As she waits in her sexy black dress that clings to her gorgeous body, a very unexpected surprise awaits her when the doorbell rings, a surprise that may change Kyra’s life forever. Excerpt: Kyra was waiting for her husband in her new dress, a black shoulder-less dress that reached to just above her knees, and she had let her long brown hair down and curled it at the ends. She had made her eyes in the “smoky eyes” way just like the models, with a light lip tint. Her blue eyes sparkled. Tonight Ron would take notice of her, and he would look at her the way he used to look at her. Kyra had more than a dinner planned for this evening. Kyra and Ron hadn’t made love in months and she felt like she was practically a virgin again. Ron didn’t seem worried about the recent changes. He was too busy making business deals to care about what was going on in the bedroom. The boardroom was his playground. Kyra didn’t want to think that Ron was cheating on her, but in the back of her mind she couldn’t help but wonder. Ron had always been hot for her, until he began his career. He complained constantly about his heavy work load, but he did nothing about it. She had her own suspicions about Ron having an affair at the office, but was trying to convince herself that it was just her mind playing tricks on her. ****** Ryan couldn’t take his eyes off of Kyra as she stood in the opened door. She was stunning in her sexy dress, all made up for her husband. Ryan had always had a thing for Kyra in college, but he had never told a soul. She was, after all, his best friend’s girlfriend. Ryan continued to stare at Kyra in the tight black dress which clung to her still gorgeous body in all the right places. Her body had become even more beautiful than it had been in college, more womanly, more seductive. Her skin looked as if it was as soft as satin, and her lightly painted lips glistened from the gloss and they looked delicious. Ryan had to desperately try to control the sexual urges he now felt for Kyra. He was fighting the urge to pull her to him and kiss her right then and there. “Uhh, hi Kyra. It’s been awhile. Is Ron home? I’m in town for a couple of days, and I thought I might just drop in and wish him a happy birthday.” Ryan knew he was babbling, but Kyra in that black dress was making him drool. He desperately tried to avoid her gaze as he handed her the bottle of wine he had brought with him.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4524-8475-4
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 12/23/2010
Publisher: Beau to Beau Books

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