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Club Strigoi Shots: Phoenix

Club Strigoi Series

Author(s): Sandy Lynn

Lisa is single again. After a horrible breakup with an abusive boyfriend, she finally gets to enjoy a long-overdue girls night out.
But what happens when her good time is interrupted by her ex-a man she can't seem to make herself stop caring about? Will she still be strong or will she fall back into her previous behavior?


With each step closer to him, the all too familiar tidal waves of fear began to build inside of her. Each one crashed into her attempting to convince her that she couldn’t do it. This man would look at her and laugh—or worse, he’d look at her with pity and that would be the only reason her flirted back.
How could she have thought she was capable of doing something like this again?
When she looked back up, she realized she was nearly on top of the guy.
Oh crap, how could I have gotten so close without realizing it? “Hi,” she said when her courage failed. Great, now I sound like a dunce.
“Is someone bothering you?”
“No, no…” Could she screw this up any more? “I was just wondering… What’s your name?”
Gathering her courage, and wishing she’d had at least one more shot before she left the table, Lisa stretched out her hand. “I’m Lisa.”
A strange look passed over Rick’s face, but it was gone so fast she could’ve imagined it with her somewhat fuzzy brain.
The Lisa?”
This made her smile. “I think so,” she nodded and chuckled. “I guess that depends. What did you hear about ‘The Lisa’?”
The bouncer shook his head and returned her smile. “I heard she was a lot of fun and known for giving the bouncers a hard time. In the best possible ways.”
She stepped closer. This was good. Her reputation had remained. Maybe it wasn’t what every girl would want, but it was something. Besides, it wasn’t as though she fucked all the bouncers. She just had a good time playing with them, and enjoyed that they played back. It was part of the reason she’d never understood why Jack had such a problem with her games. The biggest rule was there would be no touching unless it was invited by both sides.
Closing the distance between them as the alcohol finally seemed to kick back in and help her feel more relaxed, she lifted her hand to Rick’s chest. “Well then I guess I am definitely guilty as charged.” Part of her just wanted to rest her head on his chest. Maybe pass out. But no, now she was having fun, there was no time for that! His muscles felt nice under her palm.
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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-150-0
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published:
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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