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Doing the Baba Yaga (Forever Wicked)

Author(s): Sam Cheever

Book Summary

Elan Gibbs needs to save the woman he loves from servitude to a witch named Baba Yaga. Lisbeth needs to prove that Elan Gibbs loves her before she'll give her heart away to him. But a price has to be paid for their needs. And it seems that Elan will be the one to pay it. Can his love for Lisbeth withstand the payment? Or will he fall under the spell of a sexy witch, who only wants true love to warm her endless life?


Praise for Doing the Baba Yaga

"Ms. Cheever takes the reader on a rollercoaster of emotions as Elan and Baba Yaga learn what true love really means. This is a sweet love story with enough plot twists to keep the reader interested."

-- 4 Stars from Candy, Sensual Reads

"I will be checking out more books by this author. Forever Wicked: Doing the Baba Yaga is a magical, fun, quick read!"

-- 4 Angels from Cheryl, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Sam Cheever always delivers entertaining books and Doing the Baba Yaga is no exception... It's got a little love, a little paranormal, a little sex, and a little deception. In other words, it's good fiction."

-- 4 Stars from Josie, Night Owl Reviews

Forever Wicked: Doing the Baba Yaga
Sam Cheever
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Sam Cheever

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"You have only a hundred years left."

Baba Yaga lifted her gaze to the god Perun, who sat in her favorite chair in front of the window, his fat belly straining the golden belt at his thick waist. "I don't even care," she told him.

Perun frowned, shocked by her response. "How can you not care, Baba? You will die soon if you do not stop offering boons to these human cattle."

She turned away, staring through the window. The trees beyond the sparkling glass were green, vibrant with life, and birds sang high in their branches. "I hunger for love." The admission was like bile in her throat, burning her with its truth.

The god scoffed. "You must come to Pirin. I will throw a party under the sacred tree for you. You can mate with one of my princes and live forever among the trees."

Baba Yaga closed her eyes, despair sliding through her. "I wish to find true love, not a pale mating based on expediency."

"You reach for the stars when a bright light will serve, Baba." Perun stood, striding toward her. He placed his hands on her shoulders and kissed the top of her head. "Come. It saddens me to see you thusly. Let us return to Pirin and I will make you smile."

Baba shook her head. "If I cannot find true love I would rather die."

Perun sighed. "Very well. I wish you well in your search. Though I hold out little hope for your success. What mortal man would wish to tie himself to one such as you?"

With his well meant but cruel words, the Slavic god speared Baba Yaga through the heart, deepening her despair to a nearly incapacitating state. "I will find my true love, God of War. Do not doubt me," she murmured.

As Perun transformed into the Eagle and flew from Baba's lonely cabin in the woods, she sighed, praying her words would not be sprayed like acid back in her face.

* * *

Elan Gibbs watched the beautiful young woman work. She cultivated the plants and flowers in the greenhouse behind her shop with such loving care. He could tell she truly loved her work.

He'd been coming to the small park at the center of town for several weeks, eating his lunch on the bench and watching her tend to her plants in the hot sun of midday. She seemed not to notice that he was there, but, with every passing day, Elan determined she would be his.

He only had to figure out how to make it happen. Then fate stepped in and gave him his opportunity.

It was a windy day, robust with the changes in climate that preceded a coming storm. Elan almost didn't go to the bench that day. The sky was the color of pewter. Fat, black clouds threatened to dump their contents on the town at any moment. But he wasn't willing to give up the chance to see her. After much inner debate, Elan finally determined that he would go, sit on his bench for as long as the weather allowed, and enjoy as many glimpses of the woman as he could.

It was a good thing he did. Moments after he arrived, a strong gust of wind ripped into her greenhouse and tore the shade covering off one end, sending her scurrying to try to grab it before it ripped completely off and blew away.

As Elan surged to his feet and started to run, the clouds opened and spewed buckets of rain down on their heads. By the time he reached her, the wind had begun to buffet the structure, threatening much more than just the fabric. Plastic pots lifted in the surging breezes, and delicate young stems bent and broke under the violence of the wind.

Elan grabbed the fabric from her. "You deal with the plants -- I'll get this clipped back down again."

She turned a wet, rosy-cheeked face to him and smiled gratefully, then ran to try to save her young plants.

* * *

Lisbeth handed the handsome man who'd helped her with her greenhouse a towel.

He thanked her, lowering thick, dark lashes over the most startling blue eyes.

"I should be thanking you! I really appreciate your help out there. I don't know where this storm came from."

He rubbed the small, white towel over his face and neck and laughed. "I'm glad it did. It finally gave me the courage to introduce myself to you." He dried his hands and, grinning, offered her his hand. "My name's Elan Gibbs. I've been stalking you for weeks."

Placing her hand in his, Lisbeth laughed. "I know. You sit on that bench at the edge of the park and watch me tend my flowers."

He looked surprised. Was it possible he thought she hadn't noticed him? Any woman with blood flowing through her veins would notice Elan Gibbs. Well over six feet tall, with a thick mop of mahogany hair, wide blue eyes, and a square chin with a fingertip-sized dimple in the center, he was just about the yummiest thing Lisbeth had seen in ages. She was glad for the storm too, because she would have never had the courage to approach him on her own.

She tugged her wet shirt away from her chest and stomach, grimacing. "Can I make you some coffee? Tea? It seems the least I can do."

His smile made her sexual core clench hopefully. "I'd love some coffee if it's not too much trouble."

"Good." They stood there for a moment, just smiling at each other, and then Lisbeth blinked and laughed at herself, half-turning toward the back of her shop. "It will just take a minute." She pointed toward the back, still unable to drag herself away from the sparkling blue gaze and soft smile. Stuffing her hands in her jeans' pockets, she forced her feet to move.

She stopped again at the door and looked back, suddenly afraid he'd be gone when she returned. "Don't you leave now."

"Not a chance." His smile sent waves of need flaring through her.

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