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Don't Count Me Out

Author(s): Crystal Red

At a lingerie latch party, Emily Thomas, a model, hears a familiar male voice. As she turns around to face the man, her foot slips, causing her ankle to twist. After not seeing Jake Strecker for seven years, he shows up and comes to her rescue.

Even though Emily still has feelings for Jake, she wonders if he’s changed his mind about being in a relationship. Jake promises her he wants to try dating, and the heat between them almost flares out of control. A week passes and she doesn’t hear from him, and Emily wonders if Jake has changed his player ways, or will he break her heart as he did seven years ago?

Warning: Anal sex. 


Emily moaned from the pain as he sat her on the car. Once he opened the door, he slid her into the passenger’s seat and buckled her up. He ran around to the driver’s side, jumped in and started the car. The engine roared to life and purred as he placed it into drive.

“The hospital is about half a mile from here. It’s pretty close to where I work.”

Emily snorted.


Seven years without any contact and he asked “what?” He had some nerve. She wanted to slap him upside his head, but it probably wouldn’t do any good. He’d always been hard-headed. The jerk. Sure, now he was taller than in high school, six-foot-one maybe, but he still made her pulse jump.

She hadn’t figured out if it was from the anger bubbling inside her or the fact she still found him attractive. His white button-down shirt was open at the top, revealing a muscular chest with brown curly hair.

He hasn’t changed. His looks might have, but he’s probably still a womanizer. So why do I still have a crush on him?

Emily sighed. “Nothing.”

“Don’t ‘nothing’ me, Em.” His large hairy hand covered her small dainty one.

Her heart fluttered, and she wanted him to stroke her in other places too. Like her breasts, or better yet, her wet pussy.

Jake pulled into the parking lot of NYC hospital. The big white and gray building made her stomach clench. What if she lost her job over a broken ankle? How would she pay her rent? Her best friend and roommate, Tara, couldn’t afford to take care of them both. Tara had a three-year-old son to support.

He continued to stroke her hand and gazed at her as if she were an injured puppy.

“Just tell me why.” She bit her lower lip.

“Why I left?”

“Yes! What else would I be talking about?”

He dropped her hand. “It’s complicated.”

She hissed out a harsh breath. “Whatever. Can we go inside? My ankle could be broken! I hope you’re happy. You’ve ruined my career.”

Jake frowned. “You don’t know that yet.”

“Please, just take me inside so I can find out.” She grasped her red swollen ankle and groaned.

“Okay. I’m sorry.” Jake climbed out of the car and ran over to her side.

He opened the door, released the seat belt and picked her up. As he clutched her close to his chest, she felt his pounding heartbeat. Was he worried about her? Did he feel bad as if it were his fault? Maybe she was wrong to blame him. She could be pretty clumsy in high heels, which made her career choice to be a model tricky.

Jake carried her inside the ER. The bright lights and chatter of the staff and patients made her blink. Several people waited in the large gray-carpeted waiting room. Some needed stitches for a cut or to have a bump checked out. A woman yelled at her husband because she was in labor.

Emily cringed as Jake brushed his fingertips against her hurt ankle, yet his touch made her pussy tingle.

He cleared his throat as they approached the long brown encircled desk. “My fiancée hurt her ankle when we were at a party. I think it might be broken.”

Her heart stopped at the words he spoke. Fiancée? Why the hell did he say that?

The older woman peered at them. Her gray hair was twisted into a neat bun and her black glasses were perched on the edge of her nose. “You’ll have to fill out a form so you can be seen by the doctor.” She handed them a black pen and clipboard with the form attached.

Emily held on to it as he took her over to the chair and sat her in it. He grabbed a seat next to her. She started filling out the form.

“Why did you say that?” Her gaze remained on the paper.

“So I could see the doctor with you.” Jake leaned back against the chair and crossed his arms.

“What’s the point in that?”

“You wouldn’t have gotten hurt if it weren’t for me.”

She shook her head. “It’s too late for that. You already hurt me a long time ago.”

“By leaving?”

His warm breath lingered against her cheek. It sent a ripple of shivers down her spine. She nodded, not looking at him.

“I wish I’d never listened to your mom.”

A muscle quivered in her jaw. As she locked her gaze with his, the blue in his eyes flickered with gentle understanding.

After taking several deep breaths, she spoke. “What did my mom say to you?”

He rubbed a hand over his prickly stubble. “She basically told me I was a loser, and if I stayed around you, I would fuck up your life.”

Her heart dropped to her stomach. Why hadn’t her mother told her any of this? Sandy had never once told her how she felt about Emily’s high school friendship with Jake. Emily had wanted more with Jake, but he’d never been a relationship kind of guy. He was the type who loved them and then left them.

“I fucked my life up without you, so you couldn’t possibly mess it up more than it already is at this stage. Things were never the same for me after you left.”

“Me either.” He took the form from her and returned it the desk clerk. Smiling, he sat in the chair once he came back.

Emily sighed, resting her head against his broad shoulder. His muscled chest heaved as they waited for the doctor to see her.

With Jake back in her life, things couldn’t get any worse. In fact, she was sure they would improve. 

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-92785-927-8
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 01/15/2014
Publisher: Forever More Publishing

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