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Dressing for Dinner

Transgender and Genderqueer Erotic Romance

Author(s): Giselle Renarde

A gorgeous gown, a meal at home, and erotic domination for dessert—what better way to spend hump day?


Shay’s husband couldn’t get through the workweek without his Wednesday evening ritual to look forward to.  It starts with a close shave, then make-up, tight-fitting undergarments, and a satin gown.  When he strides down the stairs, dinner’s on the table—but food is the last thing on his mind.  He’s just waiting for his wife to force his face between her thighs, or strap on a dildo and bend him over the table.  Oh boy… he can hardly wait!
Warnings: This BDSM cross-dressing story contains explicit Femdom, sissification, pegging, and more! Published in the anthologies “Please, Ma’am” and “My Mistress’ Thighs.”


“Don’t play this game of wills with me, Koko. You’ll never win.”
Fiona’s eyes blazed as she pinched Kokoro’s nipples. Oh, that delicious sting!  It urged an irrepressible cry from her lips. Only when Fiona released them did Kokoro realize she was standing on tiptoes. It took a breath or two before she came back down to earth.
“Hey, weren’t you supposed to kiss me?” Kokoro asked, leaning into the perfumed crook of her lover’s neck.
Fiona jerked her head away.
Kokoro tried again, tried for that tempting mouth. Every time her lips came close enough to lick, Fiona pulled away with a wicked glint in her eye.
Fiona’s hot breath brought Kokoro higher, deeper, darker into arousal. “You’ve been bad, calling me Fifi. Now you don’t get a kiss.”
“Aw!” Kokoro whined. “Well, if I don’t get a kiss, what do I get?”
Backing up, Fiona dragged a kitchen chair away from the table.  “Come over here. I’ll show you what you get.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781310283390
Genre: BDSM
Date Published:
Publisher: Giselle Renarde

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