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Author(s): Raven Starr

Could she finally get close enough to attract his attention?

Star Morgan a beautiful young black woman that has a slight obsession with her childhood singer named Nathan Holmes. Nat is a tall tanned man with the voice of an angel and the body of an Adonis. Star has loved this man her entire life. She grew up listening to his voice and somehow knew he was the man for her. Tonight was her night to make her fantasy become reality.

Will her dreams come true? Or is her fantasy, just that? A fantasy.




"What ya doing? Looking for your man?" she teased.

Star mimicked her friend and strolled through the crowd, heading for the bar. An annoying laughter drew her attention.

The beautiful one turned to flash Star a bright smile. Blue eyes. Contacts. Upon closer inspection, Star noticed that the woman was trying too hard. She isn't real. Phony. She pushed herself on people with that bright smile, but that's all it was, a smile with nothing behind it. The woman's appearance reminded her of a porn star. God, I hope I don't look like that. She passed by the former porn star and leaned over to get the bartender's attention.

"Two apple martinis, and could you run a tab, please?" The bartender nodded never skipping a beat with his orders. Star looked around again then tugged lightly at the bartender apron. He leaned over and she could smell his cologne. "Can I get a shot of Patron too?"

"Anything for you, hun."

Star felt good, the music was pumping, the house was packed, and the drinks were coming. She smiled when the mixologist gave her the drinks, downing the shot and licking her lips. "Yummy," she raised her sculpted eyebrows.

"Hey, the name's Nick. Come back to me for your drinks, beautiful."

"I'm Star and I will, thanks." She raised her glass as she made her way through the constant stream of women to the front of the stage where the blonde bombshell was holding her spot. She tipped the rim of her glass to Kaylee's direction in their first toast of the night.

Star loved this bubbly woman. She was her best friend, her confidant. They were as close as sisters, maybe closer, even though they were opposites in their appearances; but not many other things. She was dark skinned and petite. Kaylee was a voluptuous blonde hair, blue-eyed beauty with tan skin.

Their friendship was instantaneous; they shared secrets, goals and dreams, even the obsessed ones. There was no rivalry between them. Endless drinks made the night buzz by. Star tapped her dancing friend on the back. "Going to the ladies room. I'll be right back."

"No worries, hun." Kaylee smiled, flipping her mane of blonde locks.

Star began the tedious journey of getting through the sea of drunken, horny girls. She bopped and dodged, dipped and bounced all the way to the ladies' room only to find a line.

"Line, line, everywhere there is a damn line." She looked as she danced from one foot to the other, noticed her moment, then jetted into the guy's bathroom.

"Whew," she exclaimed dashing into a stall.

Star opened the stall door making sure she was alone, cautiously moving to the sink. The door swung open and in walked the man of dreams. You've got to be kidding, she thought. It's Nathan, just my luck. Or maybe a curse, I'm not sure which one is better. Star smiled and dried her hands while Nathan looked around.

"I am in the right spot, aren't I?" The tone of his voice made her shiver.

"Yep, but there was line and I had to go."

"Feeling better then?"

"Much, thank you." Star bit her bottom lip and stepped closer to him. God, he smells so good. "I better go," she felt him slip his fingers down the small of her back.

"Who are you here to see?" his breath tickled her neck.

She stopped in her tracks. "You," she whispered.


She felt his hazel eyes undressing her. Star took a step forward to the door when Nathan slapped her round rear. It stung a little; instinctually she reached down and rubbed it.

"I like that." She heard Nathan's voice in her ear.

"Come here," he pulled her into the stall and pushed her breasts against the door. She braced her hands against the door as he caressed her bottom. A moan escaped her lips as he slowly pulled her dress up, exposing her royal blue panties.

"Sweet," he rubbed her sore ass.

Star rotated her waist in a semicircle, rocking her round bum against his big hand.

"You're a naughty girl."

"Am I now?" she rubbed her ass back against his hand.

"Yes, you are; do you know happens to naughty girls?"

"No, what happens to them?"

There was no way to brace for what came next. She felt him spank her playfully. Her breath caught in her throat, and she moaned as she arched her back. She felt her body lose control. Her legs quivered as she began to climax. As she felt him push his body against hers, she opened her legs to let him touch her throbbing clit. She moaned louder.

"Do you like the way I touch your skin, baby?"

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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 09/06/2007
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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