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Fools Gold

NYPD Files

Author(s): Melissa Glisan

Jade Savini meets Officer Iago deOro on the night he decides to "stake out" her bar. He's looking for the thief who has been stealing and selling guns from the police evidence room. Their intense attraction to one another is the excuse he needs to justify his being in the bar. Not-so-nice cop, Lt. Deke Oliver is Jade's number one suspect.

Will Iago and Jade find the evidence to stop Deke and the extra firepower on the street? Can their fledgling relationship survive the subterfuge and danger?


“Hey baby, what’s your story?” A tired line, but this time delivered in a graveled voice full of sin-filled nuances guaranteed to make an angel weep. Luckily, Jade Savini wasn’t an angel. Her days of innocence were long behind and far away.

Warm green eyes, the same earthy tone as her name suggested, perused the rugged form of the middle-aged warrior hunched on a stool at her bar. He looked rough and ready for anything and her hormones quirked a brow of interest before she slammed the door on that line of indecent thought.

“Slim, I don’t got a story, I’m the bartender. You’re supposed to tell me yours over your glass of Guinness and that’s that.” She played her voice low and casual, modulating the normal sound to make it fit better with the dark atmosphere of the bar. She’d been cursed with a perky, cheery voice at odds with her personality and lifestyle. Something about her voice, however, caught the warrior’s attention, adding a glint to his eye.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781454302858
Date Published: 07/18/2013
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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