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Ghost Flower

Banpaia 2

Author(s): D.J. Manly, A.J. Llewellyn

Feng and Russell have made a life together in LA’s Chinatown, except that Feng has no memory of the centuries-old vampire, the imperious, mysterious Banpaia, who abducted then returned them and dozens of other men to their everyday lives.

Feng had fallen in love with Banpaia, who also fell in love with Feng, only to allow the man he’d chosen to be his life mate to return to earth and try to live a human existence. As Feng’s happiness and very life force ebb away each day, Russell is growing stronger. He remembers the great vampire and uses his memories to great manga. Time may be growing short for an increasingly despondent Feng unless he can remember his one true love and go to him willingly, before the next Halloween…


Tenshi had to be very careful. Feng missed him. That much was obvious. He’d had no idea how sad and hurt Feng had been, and he blamed himself for leaving him alone so long.
Rules were rules, however, and once he’d broken them, there had been savage reprisals. Tenshi had been forced to wait a year to see if he could live without Feng, and vice-versa. He was certain Feng was starting to remember, but the last thing he wanted was for his precarious emotional state to shatter. He couldn’t live with that.
He followed him now as Feng walked down Hill Street back to the apartment. Tenshi was certain he saw Feng’s shoulders drop a little. He didn’t seem so hunched, so defeated. Feng walked with a renewed sense of purpose back to the apartment he shared with Russell. Tenshi hated seeing the bed the two men still shared, even if their sex life had been sporadic of late.
He watched Feng drop his backpack onto a chair. Tenshi longed to touch the man’s jaw. He missed Feng so much.
He watched Feng fiddle with the computer keyboard, and frowned. Feng’s eyes filled with horror. Tenshi looked over his shoulder. Russell had accessed Feng’s bank accounts.
Feng quickly shut down the computer and ran to a closet, pulling out an old cigar box. Tenshi could read Feng’s mind. Russell had been through the contents.
“Oh, fuck,” Feng said aloud. He took out all the papers, setting fire to everything in the kitchen sink. He put the empty cigar box back in the closet, throwing open windows to rid the room of the acrid smell.
Feng hid his backpack in a crevice between the bed and the wall. He lay down on the bed, passing a hand across his eyes.
Tenshi couldn’t stand it. He lay beside the man he adored, watching a single tear leaking from the corner of his eye. He watched its slow progress toward Feng’s ear. “I’m here,” Tenshi whispered. “I’m always here.”
Feng resisted his tears. “Where are you?” he asked. “Are you here?”
Oh, God…Feng wants me! He is ready!
Tenshi proceeded carefully. He captured the falling tear with his tongue, savoring the taste of Feng’s heartache. Tenshi would make it all better. He would make it go away. With tentative, fluttering movements, he closed Feng’s eyes. “Remember,” he said.
Feng let out a deep, wrenching howl. Tenshi had returned him to the day he’d taken Feng to his special place, the field of ghost flowers. He’d carefully taken off all of Feng’s clothes and laid his naked body on a carpet of the translucent white petals with their tiny red hearts. He had sucked Feng’s cock, licked his ass, then fucked him as Feng told him he could smell the flowers’ petals.
Tenshi had driven deeply into his lover, whose legs had wrapped themselves around Tenshi’s hard thighs. When he closed his eyes, Tenshi could remember it all. Few humans could smell the petals of the ghost flower. He knew Feng was the one for him because when he asked Feng what they smelled like, Feng inhaled deeply, his eyes looking dreamy and lust-filled at the same time. “They smell like blood. They smell like…you.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-195-1
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 02/03/2014
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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