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Going Home Again

The Misadventures of Raine Mathews: Book 1

Author(s): Raven Starr

What would you do for an unexpected phone call?

Meet Raine Mathews an ordinary fantasy writer with an overactive sexual imagination. In her office with her head constantly stuck in the clouds Raine comes up with the most tantalizing and teasing stories but its only in her writing does she ever receive sweet release. Orphaned at a young she bounced around from family member to foster home until she was old enough to take on the world on her own.

After writing a story about returning to her home state of Tennessee did something miraculous happen. She got a phone call.

Could the story she wrote come true?

What twists and turns await Raine, when she finally decides to try her luck at Going Home Again.




"Ooooohh," she purred as she walked to the large porch. She could see the tops of the pine and spruce trees. She inhaled the clean fresh air. This is what I needed, she thought as she leaned against the railing unknowing that the termites had been feasting on the inner bark for weeks. The wooden railing swayed then, broke.

"Whoa!" she yelled as she held onto the end. "Damn it!" she said as her hands slid down the wooden pole embedding splinters in her palms. "This figures. I come all the way out here to die," she said shaking her head.

"Not today, sexy lady," a deep raspy voice came from below her.

"What?" Raine wiggled around to try to see who was talking to her, this time letting go of the pole as it cracked again she found herself in the arms of the most handsome man she had ever seen instead of the unforgiving ground.

The stranger had dark deep eyes, the kind of eyes a girl could get lost in. She felt his hard muscles cradling her ever so gently.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-058-3
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 01/24/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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