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Good Fences

Author(s): C.A. Hubbard

Neighbors Macie Ashwick and Huck Dougherty fall hard and fast into a physically intimate relationship that cools the moment 35-year-old Macie learns Huck is “only” 24 years old.

Huck, a chef, believes age applies only to wine and cheese. Convinced that she and Huck are at vastly different stages in life, Macie attempts to resist Huck’s charms. But once he’s under her skin, resisting her handsome, younger neighbor proves easier said than done.


Hurried footsteps and loud, fussy voices prevented them from basking in the afterglow of their reunion.  Huck rolled Macie onto the floor and shoved her under the dividing wall and into the neighboring dressing room.  He snatched her belongings from the clothes hooks and pushed them after her.

     An angry knock sounded on Huck’s fitting room door.  “Who’s in there?” demanded a fussy female voice.  “Open the door this instant!”

     “Hold your water, lady,” Huck calmly drawled.

     Macie dressed and left her fitting room, unnoticed by the irate employee, who continued to harangue Huck.  “This is not a cheap motel!  If you and your lady friend don’t exit the fitting room right this instant—”

     Huck’s door opened with enough force to sending it banging against the wall.  Braced in the doorframe, Huck posed in a pink lace thong and matching corset Macie had selected.  “Is there a problem, or is it common practice to intrude on your shoppers?” he asked.

     The woman, red-faced, stammered an apology and raced from the fitting area.  Macie choked back laughter at the cashier’s stand, where the flummoxed employee rang up her purchases—including the black thong Macie still wore. Huck caught up with Macie a short time later, where she waited for him beneath a potted tree out of view of Delectables.

     “You were unbelievable!” she laughed.  She gave him a kiss on his cheek.  “Thank you.  That could have been really embarrassing.”

      “You think it wasn’t?” Huck pulled at his backside as they walked to the parking garage.  “Man, this thing is strangling my balls!”

     “You’re still wearing that pink get up?”

     “I had to buy it, after all the ruckus.  And I didn’t want to hang around any longer than I had to.  I can’t believe these little scraps of silk and satin cost a hundred and fifty dollars.”

     “I’ll buy them from you,” she offered.  “We wear the same size, apparently.”

     He took her hand and kissed the back of it.  “I’ll give the set to you as a gift. It’s got a great memory attached to it.  Someday, we’ll take it out and show it to our grandkids and say, ‘This is sexy underwear that brought us back together.’”

     “You think so?”

     “I know so.”

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Date Published: 09/12/2013
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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