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He Calls Us Baby

A Romancing Erotica ebook

Author(s): K. Lyn

Being just a little too short to model, Brenda has turned her attention to acting. After years of bit parts and living in roach infested apartments, she has finally arrived in Hollywood to star in her first motion picture. Brenda’s agent welcomes her to live in his home with him while she is shooting her film, and the young woman is very impressed with the lavish lifestyle of the man. He assures the lovely lady that everything she has ever wanted can be hers if she is willing to give her full attention to the business. His smile leaves Brenda wondering if there is a hidden meaning in his words. When she begins to explore the monstrosity of a house that belongs to her agent, she stumbles upon a secret that he obviously wants to keep hidden. Brenda watches and waits for the right opportunity to let her agent know just how serious she is about getting ahead in the wonderful world of film. Excerpt: Brenda had wanted to work in the film industry for as long as she could remember. Actually, what she had really wanted to do was model but she simply was not tall enough and not even the highest of heels could get her to a height suitable for the runway. So, over the years she had played bit parts and minor roles in off-off-Broadway plays, until a talent scout had spotted her tending bar in the only place that would hire a part-time actress such as herself. Now she was finally getting her big break. Brenda had flown to Los Angeles immediately after receiving the call from her agent. “Brenda, darling, you made it.” Brenda gave her agent, Montgomery, a hug when they met up with each other in the airport. “Damn, girl, you get better looking with age. You, my dear, are like fine wine.” ****** Montgomery was looking hotter to Brenda every time she saw him like this. She could not believe how different the man could be at the studio during the day from the way he was here in his own home at night. She was just dozing off when she heard him whistling as he came up the stairs. The whistling became softer as he turned at the top of the stairs and headed toward his suite at the end of the hallway. The next morning Brenda was tired. She was not accustomed to putting in so many hours on the set. Montgomery was a ball of energy when he met her in the kitchen. “Good morning, Brenda. You are one damned good actress, honey.” Brenda drank her coffee and tried to coax her eyes to open. She could not believe the amount of energy that Montgomery seemed to have. Sex must energize the old man. That had to be it, though Brenda had no idea how he kept up the pace. “So, what time did you get in last night, Montgomery?” Brenda knew exactly what time Montgomery had come in, but she wanted to hear the man say it. “Oh, it was late. I think I average about three hours of sleep most nights, but I love my job.” Brenda choked back a laugh. I’ll bet you do, old man, she thought.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-6184-5007-4
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 08/11/2011
Publisher: Beau to Beau Books

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