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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Author(s): Tamelia Tumlin

An unexpected inheritance…

Jenna Wade was homeless, poor and orphaned as a child. Now as an adult she is desperately seeking stability and financial security. An unexpected inheritance promises to bring her the financial freedom she craves: until she reads the clause.

An unexpected love…

Temporarily confined to a wheel chair, Ridge Townsend's stubborn, self-reliant pride refuses to accept his new caregiver's help. He suspects Jenna is nothing more than a con artist who manipulated his mother into writing her into her will. Especially since Jenna maintains that she has never met his mother. With her caring nature and tender heart Jenna is slowly breaking down his defenses and finding a way into his heart. Then he asked her to do the unthinkable: give up her part of the inheritance. How can she choose between financial security and love?



Ridge balanced himself on his crutches and started toward the car. Jenna reached for him and tried to help him keep his footing on the rocky terrain. He quickly pushed her arm away.

"I can do it," he told her gruffly.

Jenna knitted her brow. The man was impossible. Why was he so determined not to let her help him? He would rather struggle with the crutches than to admit that he could use a little help. Did he think it made him less of a man? Surely not.

No one could deny that Ridge Townsend wasn't all man. Powerful. Dynamic. Sexy.

Before she could think about the consequences of her actions, Jenna placed herself directly in front of Ridge. She put both of her arms between his sides and the crutches. In one swift move she knocked both metal poles from under his arms. They landed on the rocks with a chink.

Surprised, he nearly lost his balance and instinctively reached for her. He held onto her shoulders to keep from falling. The thunderous expression on his face made her swallow hard. Uh oh! What had she done?

"What the hell are you doing?" he bit out angrily. The rapturous mood from moments ago lost with one swift move and quite frankly, stupid action on her part.

With her heart pounding in her chest she bit her lip and lifted her chin a fraction. What was she doing? She wasn't quite sure. She hadn't really been thinking. She had just acted. This man needed to know that it was only human to need someone once in a while. Unfortunately, she hadn't thought that thought through too well. Now he was staring at her as if he could throttle her.

"There is nothing wrong with needing help once in a while. You just needed to understand that," Jenna met his angry gaze head on. Somehow he didn't quite look as if he understood.

"I told you. I don't need anyone. Period." He narrowed his eyes, an angry muscle twitching in his stubborn jaw. His hands gripped her shoulders punishing her.

"Ridge, I know you are a proud man, but there isn't anything wrong with asking for help once in a while. Why can't you see that? Why won't you let me help you?" Her green eyes begged him to understand. She wasn't trying to be cruel. She just wanted him to be human for once.

"If I need your help, I'll let you know," he said coldly. "Now kindly hand me my crutches back."

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-472-0
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 11/12/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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