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Lord of Capra

The Nemesis Chronicles

Author(s): Jaylee Davis

An ancient enemy seeks to destroy Nemesis. Coldblooded abominations and their zombie creations invade the galaxy, creating havoc on worlds protected by the mighty ghost ship.

Evana, pilot to Nemesis, reluctantly agrees to her ship’s outrageous plan. They return to her home world—Earth. Nemesis selects the perfect mate to ease Evana’s loneliness and to help fight their enemies.

Confined to a wheelchair, ex-marine, Harrison Drake, has no immediate plans. Bitter and alone, he believes he has no future—until he sees her standing beside his hospital bed. Unfamiliar emotions rise within him—love and lust collide. With hardly a second thought, he follows her on an adventure that takes him from Earth to the stars, fighting at her side against her enemies—monsters of legend.


Evana crept closer to the hospital bed, trying her best to not make a sound. The nightshift was on duty and the hospital was at its quietest. Now was the best time to approach him without too much risk of discovery. She wanted to get a good look at the sleeping male before informing Nemesis she wasn’t interested. Humor the ghost ship, she convinced herself. What harm could there be in that?

She neared the bedside and saw he slept soundly on his back with his face turned away from the door. She crept to the opposite side in order to study him in the subdued light.

His thick, light blond hair spread across the pillow in varying lengths, all untamed. One errant strand curled ever so slightly as it rested along a chiseled jaw line. His cheekbones looked more prominent than she thought might be healthy. An aristocratic nose, not too thick brows and strong chin all came together to form the most handsome face she believed she’d ever seen.

Reluctant to look away, she forced her attention from his face in order to make out his form beneath the light sheet covering him. He had the shoulders of a giant, wide chest, long tapering torso, narrow hips and legs that seemed to go on forever.

By the gods. He’s huge.

His lower legs spilled over the end of a bed that was too short while his shoulders were barely contained within the rails. Evana hoped Nemesis wasn’t eavesdropping on her wild thoughts as she desperately tried to calm her reaction to this man the ghost ship had insisted was the proper choice for her. She gazed at him in wonder until she realized her canines had lengthened. An unfamiliar compulsion stirred to life within her. It took her a few moments to banish the strange urge and retract her fangs. Now in control, she shifted her attention to his face once more. Ice blue eyes captured her.

Curse the gods.

Blink, she commanded in desperate silence. Just blink. If he’d only close his eyes for an instant, she’d be gone, nothing left but a figment of his imagination.

She gasped as a strong hand wrapped around her wrist, but Evana couldn’t bring herself to look away. Not a danger. The fleeting alien thought soothed a sense of panic rising within her at his touch. You are stronger. You can easily break away from him. Without her approval, her free hand came across to rest lightly on top the very masculine one gripping her wrist.

Insanity. Traitorous insanity. She silently protested as her lips parted to speak.

“I am sorry. I did not mean to startle you,” she heard Nemesis speak for her.

“Who are you?”

His voice was deep and sensual. The sound calmed her frazzled nerves, and she relaxed some as she leaned over the bed to move a little closer. His grip on her wrist eased as soon as she stroked the back of his hand. Inside her mind she heard Nemesis. You take over from here, pilot. I will do no more.


“Who are you?” Drake asked the question again.

He was almost afraid to hear the answer. He must be dead, his whole life just a grotesque memory, and she was a beautiful angel come to carry him to…

“I’ve come to heal you.”

Nope. This was just another one of his sick nightmares. He really needed to wake up before his dream girl morphed into something frightening. It was difficult since her eyes entranced him. They sparkled like jewels, so real he could lose himself in their soft glow. Glow? Glowing eyes weren’t part of his waking reality.

“Your eyes…gotta wake up,” he muttered, mesmerized by her.

His odd angel smiled kindly as she pressed a button on his bed rail. The room lights went from low to bright, giving him a clear view. Her eyes were normal, but he could have sworn…

“You’re not dreaming, Harrison Drake. I’m here to help you, if you wish.”

He gawked at her. About average height, she was dressed in scrubs. On her they looked out of place, or perhaps she looked out of place. He couldn’t decide. Either way, she wore them well, as they did little to conceal her athletic form.

Long hair, black as the darkest night, cascaded over her shoulders and framed a face that could’ve launched ships in years gone by. Exotic beauty exuded from her in waves. Olive skin, incredible green eyes and luscious, full lips that begged to be kissed, lured him.

“Help me…how?”

He managed to stammer through his aroused state, and hoped like hell his dick wasn’t erecting a noticeable tent. At least that part of him still worked, sometimes too well. Could he be dreaming? If so, it was the most vivid and unusual wet dream he’d ever conjured.

“Take this.” She produced a small vial from her pocket and offered it to him.

He pushed himself to a sitting position. Reluctantly, he released his grip around her wrist and took the vial.

“What is it?” He popped open the top, smelled the dark concoction and wrinkled his nose.


“It smells a little familiar,” he muttered, balking at drinking the contents. He noticed she kept glancing at the door in a nervous manner.

“Drink! And I’ll visit you again tomorrow night.”

He brought the rim to his lips, then paused, unsure.

“Drake, I promise you’ll walk again, but you must drink this.”

He came to a decision, and mumbled, “What the hell.” Dream medicine couldn’t hurt. He closed his eyes and downed the contents.

He choked a bit on the thickness, but the taste wasn’t objectionable at all. In fact, it was too delicious to be medication. Once he opened his eyes to tell her, she was gone.

No goodbye? He looked down at the vial only to find that it too had disappeared from his hand. However, the flavor in his mouth still lingered.

There was something about the taste he recognized. He’d smelled it, tasted it, before many times. In battle, in fights. His mind connected with the memory. Blood. She’d given him blood? 

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-92785-937-7
Genre: Science Fiction
Date Published: 05/07/2014
Publisher: Forever More Publishing

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