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My Weeping Willow

Author(s): Sarah Rainwater Tanner

Three tales in one, what more can you ask for?

What more for fun?

My Weeping Willow follows the lives of three very different women who all become involved in a story of love, hate, murder and mystery.

Willow is a writer struggling with alcoholism and a past that has left her with an antisocial attitude. She lives in solitude in a castle in Maine, but when her life is threatened, her new bodyguard, Gabe, forces her to change her habits and face her fears.

Hollis is a middle-aged detective for the Las Vegas police. She and her young FBI partner, Jace, are following a killer who has copied the spree of Jack the Ripper. Hollis is forced to fight the temptation of the attraction she feels for the very unprofessional Jace while chasing a killer across the US.

Charlotte, or Charlee as everyone calls her, is a young girl struggling to grow up in Savannah, Georgia. She quickly changes from an overweight, shy teenager to a troubled young woman, and not even her best friend knows why.




Gabe swore again and swept the shirt over her head, causing Willow to look down at her chest. She immediately crossed her arms over her breasts, her cheeks heating as she averted her eyes.

Gabe lifted her chin, his large hand covering her entire cheek, and said, "What's the matter, babe?"

Ordinarily, being called babe would have been a real buzz-kill, but Willow let it pass. "They're not very big," she said wryly with a small smile.

Gabe laughed. "You're not very big, cupcake. They'd look a little funny if they were any bigger. You'd topple over." He gently pried her arms away from her chest, conscious of how easy it would be to break such fragile bones. He could see the blue veins running under her skin, which distracted him for a moment. He placed his lips on the underside of her arm against one of those blue veins and looked his fill. He smiled and said, "See, they're just right. Just enough to put in my mouth," then he proceeded to do so.

Willow swore she went blind for a moment, but she regained her sight long enough to look down at what he was doing to her breasts. His eyes were closed in apparent appreciation as he said, "God, you're beautiful."

Willow froze and her breathing quickened. She fought the black spots in her vision and gasped, "Get off."

"I'm working on it, babe," he said with a smile.

She slapped his arm several times and he finally looked up. Her skin was paler than usual, her eyes wide and frightened. "What is it?" he asked, grabbing her arms, which caused her panic to increase.

She managed to wiggle out from his embrace and off the counter, then ran out of the room, leaving her shirt and a bewildered, fully erect Gabriel behind.

He stood there for a moment, trying to regroup then followed her out of the kitchen. He stopped at the closed library doors and knocked. There was no answer. "Babe, what's wrong. Talk to me."

"Go away!" she screamed from inside the room. "I don't want you, go away!"

Gabe stood there in stunned silence for a moment and fought the urge to shove his fist through the solid mahogany door. "You really are a cold bitch, aren't you?" he said quietly to himself.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-055-5
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 01/24/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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