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One Sweet Night

Author(s): Marilyn Lee

After struggling to accept the end of her ten-year marriage, Jule Grey's best friend convinces her to start dating again. Finding the dating prospects for forty-year-old women thin, Jule reluctantly agrees to a blind date. One look at the sexy, delivery boy, Daniel, and she's certain the coming night will be very sweet.

Daniel surprises Jule by his insistence on extending their one-night stand beyond the weekend. Despite their mutual attraction, Jule battles her fear of Daniel's reaction to the secret that ended her marriage. She doesn't know that Daniel is also guarding a secret he's reluctant to share with her.



"Delivery?" Delivery? Frowning, she peeked through the spy hole. A tall male with a baseball cap pulled over his head stood outside her condo door. Where the hell was her hunk for the night?

The bell rang again. "Delivery," the deep voice repeated.

Something had obviously gone wrong. Had the hunk in question changed his mind about spending the night with her? Had Tia then decided to send take-out as a sort of consolation? She was in no mood to be consoled by anything less than a climax induced by a hard shaft.

"I didn't order anything." She knew she sounded ungracious and irritable, but she didn't care. She'd worked herself up to have sex with a stranger and Tia sent her take-out?

"Are you sure? This is a delivery for Ms. Jule Grey from a Mrs. Tia Bally, ma'am. Are you Ms. Grey?"

Jule compressed her lips. Tia's ass was going to be hers after this stunt. Her disappointment turned to anger. She unlocked and unbolted the door, intending to pull it open, snatch the bag from the delivery boy's hand, and slam the door in his face. It wasn't cool to be so rude or not to tip but she was pissed off big time.

She opened the door. Before she could carry out her plan, the doorknob was pulled from her hand. The delivery boy quickly slipped inside, closing the door behind him.

She gasped and tried to yank the revealing negligee down to cover her pubic hair. But it was as sheer as the teddy it covered. Her pussy and breasts were on full and shameless display, just as she'd intended. How was she supposed to know Tia would pick a time like this to play what she viewed as a cruel joke?

She and the delivery boy stood staring at each other in silence.

"Jule Grey?"

She nodded curtly and lifted her chin.

He pushed the ball cap he wore to the back on his head.

She studied him. He appeared to be in his late twenties. He was tall, very buff, and tanned. He had short dark hair and dark green eyes. He had a Michael Douglas dimple in his chin. The short-sleeved shirt he wore revealed a pair of nicely developed biceps. He wore a diamond stud in his right ear. She could easily imagine him wearing leather and riding a motorcycle with some lucky slender blonde curved against his back. He might have had the words bad boy seared onto his forehead.

She allowed her gaze to shift to his groin. The tight biker shorts he wore did very little to hide the sizable bulge between his long, tanned legs.

She looked away from his crotch and centered her gaze on his mouth. Her cheeks burned and a rush of moisture filled her as imagined sucking on his full, bottom lip. She gave herself a mental shake and took a deep breath. "How much do I owe you?"

He lifted the plastic bag in his right hand. "For this?"

"Yes." She sniffed the air, trying to get a whiff of the meal Tia had ordered. "What is it exactly? Will I need to heat it up?"

He shook his head. "No." A slight smile curled the corners of his lips. "Believe me, it's already warm."

She sniffed again. "So how much do I owe you or did Tia pay?" It was the least she could do.

He shook his head. "She said you'd take care of payment."

Oh was Tia going to get it. "Fine. Tell me how much I owe you and I'll get my purse."

He lifted the bag again. "For this?"

"Yes. For that."



He turned the plastic bag upside down. Nothing fell out.

"It's empty," she accused.

He shrugged. "You don't owe anything for this empty bag."

"Then why are you still here?"

"I didn't say there was no charge at all. There's one for making the trip here."

"You're going to charge me for delivering an empty bag?"

He grinned, revealing a pair of even white teeth. "Shocking, isn't it?"

Outrageous was more like it, but she just wanted this fiasco to end. "Fine. What's the charge?"

His smile vanished. He answered in a warm, deep voice. "A few hours in your arms."

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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 11/19/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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