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Rescuing Zoey

Author(s): Jessica Coulter Smith

Book Summary

Zoey has had erotic dreams about her boss, Sebastian Montcrief, for the longest time, but doubts he would ever look at her as more than an employee. When his cousin Andrew Montcrief joins Bellmont Enterprises, Zoey and Andrew team up to win her the attention of the elusive Sebastian.


Praise for Rescuing Zoey

"...a cute, emotional, and passionate story. For a light and refreshing read, Rescuing Zoey should hit the spot."

-- Monica, Risque Reviews

"I liked this story because of the determined personality of the heroine. Work relationships are very risky, especially if they don't work out. But if my boss had my thoughts all out of whack, I may be tempted to go for it..."

-- 4 Angels from Pam S., Fallen Angel Reviews

Rescuing Zoey
Jessica Coulter Smith
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Jessica Coulter Smith

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Unable to tear my eyes away, the sight of Sebastian's large hands splayed across my breasts mesmerized me. His chest pressed against the naked skin of my back, his fully aroused cock throbbed against me, begging for entry. My eyes sought his in the mirror and he gave me a thoroughly wicked grin, making my breath hitch in my throat. His hand slipped between my legs, spreading them apart. I watched in fascination as he guided his cock into my wet pussy, groaning as I felt him stretch and fill me.

My eyes began to slip closed and a flush spread across my body as desire flared hot in my veins. His breath tickled my ear, sending shivers across my skin as he whispered, "Open your eyes. I want you to watch as I fuck you."

I gasped, his coarse words turning me on even more. I forced my eyes open and I looked as he gently pinched and twirled my nipples and his cock slid in and out of my body, making me hotter and wetter.

Suddenly, a beeping sound pulled at me and made me frown. As Sebastian and my dream slipped away, I opened my eyes to reality. My alarm clock beeped madly from the nightstand.

With a groan, I threw off the covers and sat up, smacking my hand down on the annoying device that interrupted my most erotic fantasy yet. I just wished my dreams, erotic or otherwise, would involve someone other than my very unattainable boss, Sebastian Montcrief. It was beginning to make things difficult at work, for me anyway. As far as I could tell, Sebastian didn't see me as anything other than an employee.

I still felt the coil of desire low in my belly and looked at my clock in disgust. Just a few more minutes and I would have had a cataclysmic orgasm. Life could be so cruel.

Padding into the bathroom, I turned on the shower and let the water warm while I brushed my teeth. I put my toothbrush aside and stripped out of my nightgown before stepping under the hot spray, sighing in ecstasy. As I soaped my skin, my fingers brushed over my sensitive nipples, still hard from my naughty dream. My hands slid lower and slipped between my legs, finding my swollen clit.

Rubbing in tormenting circles, I leaned against the shower wall and panted for breath. I was so far gone that a moment later, my hips bucked against my hand as my orgasm came crashing through me. If I'd had more time, I would have done it again, just to make sure I had exorcised the demons thoroughly before seeing Sebastian. Instead, I finished washing and got out, knowing I'd be late otherwise.

I quickly dried off and dropped the towel in the hamper. Naked, I walked back into my bedroom and flung open the closet. Yanking out a black pencil skirt with a slit up the side and a white blouse, I turned to rummage through my underwear drawer. After selecting a lacy white thong and matching bra, I got dressed quickly, barely having time left for hair and make-up.

Within minutes, I dashed out the door, praying I wasn't late for work. I could just see it now... Sorry I'm late, Mr. Montcrief. I was having this fantastic erotic dream about you and time just got away from me. I snorted. Yeah, that would go over well.

* * *

At the office, I did my work as usual, trying to keep a low profile. I smiled when people walked by, but tried to mind my business otherwise. The women didn't seem to like me, not since my very first day. I kept to myself. Well, mostly.

Landon Wells was a close friend and colleague, and the only person I really talked to in the office. As a gay man, he had it rough. The other guys in the office either avoided him or made snide remarks about the fact he preferred men. There were definitely grounds for him to file harassment charges against them, but he just let it slide. He always said that there were small minds everywhere, and it was easier to ignore them than to try fighting the whole world. Still, I would have slapped them with a lawsuit. But that's just me.

My email dinged and I opened a message from Nancy, Sebastian's secretary. Groaning, I dropped my head in my hands. Great, another meeting. I was still completely embarrassed over the last one. Sebastian had asked me a question repeatedly, but I'd been too busy fantasizing about having sex with him to hear anything he'd said. I'd been mortified when Landon nudged me with a snicker and nodded toward the boss, knowing exactly where my mind had been -- in the gutter.

I grabbed my pen and notepad, and headed for the conference room, wishing there was a way I could sit with my back to my boss. It was the only way I wouldn't fantasize about him; at least I thought I wouldn't. Then again, Sebastian was yummy enough that I'd probably daydream about him regardless.

When I entered the room, only a few people had made it. Hurrying over to Landon, I claimed the chair next to his. Brett Sawyer sat on my left and leered at me. I rolled my eyes and turned to Landon, planning to ignore the annoying Brett.

"What do you think the meeting's about?" I asked softly.

Landon shrugged. "Your guess is as good as mine."

I chewed on my lower lip, a little worried. Our stocks had dipped a bit in the last few weeks, and I'd heard rumors of budget cuts. Usually that translated into lay-offs. Not only did I not want to be parted from my delicious boss's company, but I couldn't afford to lose my job. My apartment might not be much, but it was mine. No, it wasn't my living expenses that I couldn't afford, it was my shopping bills. I had maxed out all of my credit cards, much to my horror. But I was addicted to clothes and shoes. My overstuffed closet bore witness to this fact.

When Sebastian walked in the door, I felt my heart flutter in my chest. No matter how many times I saw him, my body reacted to him on sight, wanting him with an intensity that bordered on being embarrassing. Good thing men weren't entirely like dogs, otherwise they would have smelled my arousal every time the man came near me.

He smiled broadly at all of us, everyone now gathered around the large table waiting on whatever news he had to impart.

"Good morning. I know you're probably wondering why I called this meeting and I promise to keep it brief." He met our eyes, his gaze resting on each of us in turn. Did he linger a little on me, or was that just wishful thinking?

"I've decided to bring in some fresh blood to help with marketing so my cousin, Andrew Montcrief, will be joining us starting Monday. He's a likeable guy so I'm sure everyone will get along well with him."

Brett's hand slid up the slit of my skirt, and I turned and glared at him. When he just grinned unrepentantly, I smacked him in the arm -- hard. It wasn't the first time he'd tried something like that and I doubted it would be the last. The man couldn't seem to keep his hands to himself and didn't understand the word "no" in any language. I'd complained to H.R. a few times, but they hadn't done anything. So I'd decided to ignore him as much as possible.

"Zoey, is there a problem?" Sebastian asked, one eyebrow arched.

"Um, uh... No."

"So you were swatting a fly on Mr. Sawyer's arm?"

"Uh, no... that is, um..."

"I'll see you in my office after the meeting, Zoey."

Amidst the snickers at the table, he turned away from me and immediately began speaking again. My face flamed in embarrassment, and I looked beseechingly at Landon. The louse only shrugged and grinned, knowing full well why I'd smacked Brett.

I couldn't focus for the rest of the meeting and was somewhat surprised when everyone stood to leave. It had ended without me hearing a single thing -- not good. Thankfully, it looked like Landon had taken excellent notes so I could just get everything from him later, even if it meant enduring a bit of teasing about my infatuation with the boss.

As I stood, Sebastian motioned for me to follow him to his office. His assistant glared at me as I walked past her desk and into Sebastian's office. When I heard the door click shut behind me, my shoulders stiffened. While being alone with him might have been my ongoing fantasy, I wasn't sure I trusted myself. With my luck, I'd assault the man and practically beg him to have sex with me on his desk, the floor, or anywhere else he wanted.

"Zoey, care to explain to me what happened today?"

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