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Scrambled Eggs

Author(s): Cynthianna

Scrambled Eggs knocks the classic ‘secret baby’ storyline on its head. Sharlene always wanted a baby, but her husband only wants a child to secure his position in his wealthy uncle’s will. A mix-up at the fertility clinic reveals his hypocrisy, prompting a pregnant Sharlene to strike out on her own.
Single Sharlene literally runs into Zack, and falls for him. Will Zack love a child that isn’t his? And will Zack find the courage to tell Sharlene that he’s the real father of her child before she goes into labor?


“This visit was the second and last for me, bro,” Zack said resolutely as he zipped his worn, second-hand leather jacket up over his wiry, toned physique before heading out into the cold. “I’ve made a couple of bucks, but now I think I’ll spend my Tuesday mornings doing something more productive. But thanks all the same for telling me about this place. I owe you one.”
Keith crammed his stocking cap hard over his short dreadlocks as they exited the plush lobby area, pushing his thick-lensed, wire frame specs back up his nose. He fixed a dirty look at his slightly older foster brother. “What? You’re giving up now? But it’s so damn easy—and fun. You see Miss September in that issue over by the water cooler? We ain’t ever going to have a chance to snag and hump girls like that, so we’d better just get over it and make some dough to further our education while we read about them.”
Zack sighed. For an ‘A’ student in computer science, Keith Marshall acted awfully dense at times, especially when it came to the opposite sex. Zack drew his thin jacket closer to keep out the arctic wind gusts that whipped between the tall buildings. He’d be glad when it was spring. “I don’t want to snag—or hump—Miss September. I want to marry a nice girl from a nice family and raise a couple of very nice kids. And if a woman can’t love me as a poor, working slob… Well, I probably wouldn’t be attracted to her in the first place.”
Keith rubbed his bony hands together, then thrust them into the pockets of his baggy jeans. “Sister Mary Agnes would be proud of you, Richmond.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“You always were the hopeless romantic type.” Keith threw back his head and laughed raucously. “Remember that snooty rich girl in calc class who wouldn’t even give you the time of day, but—”
Whap!Zack suddenly was sent airborne like a pigeon taking off in front of a Bi-State bus. He flipped over the unseen obstacle and landed in a crumpled heap on the pavement. What the hell did he trip over?
“Oh, my God! I’m so sorry. Are you hurt?” came a breathless female voice.
Zack shook his head, looking cross-eyed at the cause of his accident. He blinked once. Twice. He must have bumped his head harder than he thought on the sidewalk. An angel in the guise of a petite blonde with the brightest violet-blue eyes he’d ever seen stood directly in front of him. She possessed lush rosy lips and dimples nicely framed within a heart-shaped face. Lips perfect for singing praises. Lips that looked like they were just aching to be kissed...
“Did you hit your head?” the angel asked.
Zack basked in the warmth of her smile, a smile that easily penetrated the damp chill of a St. Louis winter. The wind tangled her long, straight hair around and around her camel-colored wool coat, giving her the appearance of a Venus on the half-shell. He blinked again, focusing on the object in front of her. A baby stroller had done him in. Why on earth was this gorgeous creature pushing an empty baby carriage?
“Damn it, woman, you shouldn’t be out with one of those contraptions in this windy weather,” Keith muttered. He offered Zack a hand. For some mysterious reason, Zack found himself unable to move. He lay motionless on his back like an overturned turtle, staring up at the goddess standing in front of him. He couldn’t even breathe.
“Let me help you,” Aphrodite said, bending down beside him. “I am so sorry I ran you over. The wheel thingies sticking out must have tripped you up. I haven’t gotten the hang of driving this baby buggy yet. I’ve got about seven and a half months to go, so I should be able to pass my test before then, huh?”
Then she laughed, a fairy-like giggle with a most interesting twang. Enthralled, Zack willingly allowed the vision to take him by the shoulders and pull him to a sitting position, only protesting when she attempted to pull him to vertical.
“No, please don’t,” he gasped, scrambling to his feet. “I’m okay. I wouldn’t want someone in your delicate condition to strain herself.”
The sparkle in her eyes sliced through the gloom of the overcast February day. “How gallant you are. I’m glad the breed hasn’t died out with the Knights of the Round Table. You sure you’re not hurt any?”

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