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Speculative Sky

Author(s): Clare Dargin

Astrophysicist April Mullen has just been hired to monitor the deepest reaches of outer space.  In this small outpost filled with scientists, she notices something amiss.  Though the idea of searching for extra-terrestrial contact is permitted the practice of doing so is not encouraged. 

 Not satisfied with the status quo, April decides to forgo the warnings of her superiors to make contact with the inhabitants of that speculative sky.



“I’m sure that’s the case but how can I not be excited over this?  It’s the find of a lifetime,” she said reveling in the thought of making contact with extra-terrestrial life. 

 “You don‘t have to try to impress us.  Just do you your work and you‘ll be fine.”

 “What does that mean?”

 “It means you don’t worry about it.   There is plenty of research to be done.  You could spend your entire lifetime studying the Jugis Star Cluster alone.”

 “Haven’t you ever looked up in the sky and wondered if there was anyone else out there?”

 “Of course I have.  And if anyone back home asks, tell them it’s just us,” he said finishing off his drink.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-726-4
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 06/24/2010
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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