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Splintered (Foxy)

Author(s): Sam Cheever

Book Summary

Life isn't going well for Vivica Breckenridge. Recently relocated to Last Chance, Alaska, she expects things to be a little squiggy for a while as she acclimates to a whole new place, with new people and new ways of doing things. But she has no idea how squiggy they're going to get. Until she wakes up one morning with fur over only part of her body. Things can't get much weirder than that!


Praise for Foxy: Splintered

"Sam Cheever knows how to make you chuckle while you’re fanning yourself over her sexy and sweet heroes. I am a huge fan of this author's humorous writing style and I was not disappointed with this fun and sexy offering; there is a reason she is on the top of my must-read list and this adventure is proof of why she remains there."

-- 4.5 Stars from PaulineMichael, Night Owl Reviews

"All in all it was an enjoyable read, if you're looking for a quick one that has a little bit of everything, love, humor, steamy romance and a little bit of mystery."

-- Rasia, You Gotta Read Reviews
Foxy: Splintered
Sam Cheever
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Sam Cheever

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

The crowd around the food table had increased to the point that it was hard to move. But nobody was paying any attention to the food at the moment. All eyes were turned to one side of the room. Everyone listened to a speaker by the outside door.

A woman's voice behind her said, "Oh, my God, did you see him?"

Another voice said breathlessly, "Kinda hard to miss..."

Viv recognized Crevan's dark, sexy voice, and she stood on her tiptoes to see who he was talking to. All she could see was a thick mop of dark blond hair a few inches below his.

Crevan towered above just about everyone else in the room, so it was no surprise the person standing next to him was shorter, but something about the way Crevan kept glancing toward the other man made Viv realize he was important. She had a sudden, uncontrollable urge to cross the room. Without making a conscious decision to do so, she started moving.

"So, with no further blathering on my part, I would like to introduce Dr. Cary Reigns."

Thunderous applause filled the small cabin. Someone whistled next to Viv's ear and she ducked, covering her ear. "Sorry, hon."

Viv nodded and continued working her way to the door. She needed to get some fresh air, and she could get the introduction to the old codger of a doctor over with on the way out. As she fought her way to the front, she finally spotted her sister and Sin called to her, motioning for her to join them.

Viv's nose twitched and her sexual core tightened. She suddenly found it hard to breathe and thought she might pass out if she didn't get some air. But Viv was small, and the crowd was packed tight. Sin saw her predicament and leaned toward Crevan, speaking quietly in his ear. Crevan touched his fiancÈe's arm and started toward Viv. Like magic, the crowd parted to let him through.

Viv smiled up at him as he offered her his hand. "M'lady, I'll be your escort through the craziness this evening."

Viv gave him a mock curtsy. "My hero! Now, if you had a white horse out there that I could escape on I'd be most grateful."

Crevan shook his head. "'Fraid not, princess. Tonight you have to stay here amongst your lowly subjects." His voice was playful, but the look he gave her as he spoke brooked no argument. Viv swallowed a sigh and nodded. "Okay, brave knight. Lead on."

Her sister was standing in front of the good doctor, blocking Viv's view of him. But as she and Crevan approached, Sin turned. "Ah, here she is." Sin grabbed Viv's hand and stood on her tiptoes to kiss her yummy future husband. "Thank you, sweetie."

He gave her a soft, lingering kiss. "My pleasure, pretty fox."

Viv had heard him call her sister that before. She kept forgetting to ask her sister why.

"Dr. Reigns, this is my sister Vivica."

Viv looked at the doctor for the first time. Her stomach jumped. Her heart sped. And her thighs tightened.

"Hello, Ms. Breckenridge."

Viv stared at him, unable to respond. He was a Greek god. Despite the fact that he looked small next to Crevan, she judged him to be well over six feet tall. He had a thick mane of unruly dark blond hair that stuck up in a cute little tuft at the back of his head and lay in a fringe across his forehead. His eyes were deep pools of blue-gray, set off by dense dark blond lashes. His nose was strong, almost large, with the tiniest bump in the center that saved it from being too perfect. His bottom lip was full, the top slightly less so, and his cheeks were lean, smoothly shaven but with a shadow that told her he had to shave often to keep up. He had a strong jaw and a muscular neck, as if he lifted weights. Though his body was long, without an ounce of extra fat to pad it, he looked strong rather than thin and didn't appear in the least weak. In fact, for a doctor, he was in premium condition. To top it all off, his voice was like molten lava, burrowing into her awareness and creating hot little divots of need everywhere it touched.

Viv swallowed hard and extended her hand, thinking she'd probably combust when she touched him. In an attempt to alleviate some of the heat he'd created in her, Viv tried to lighten things up. "What's up, Doc?"

* * *

Cary blinked. For just a second the incredible creature standing before him had sprouted ears. They'd been the cutest, fuzziest white ears, sticking almost straight up from the top of her beautiful head, but they'd definitely been there one second and gone the next.

No one else had seemed to notice, so he thought he must have imagined it. He couldn't help thinking it was a strange trick for his mind to play the first time he laid eyes on a gorgeous female.

To cover his confusion, he laughed. "Like I haven't heard that one before."

Vivica Breckenridge chewed her bottom lip, but her smile stayed fixed. "Sorry, I couldn't resist."

She was petite, probably no taller than five foot four inches, and wore her silky black hair in a classy bob that angled down her chin. Her brown eyes were wide, filled with mischief, and lined in kohl-colored lashes that looked as if they were an inch long. They fluttered against her silky brown cheek charmingly as she glanced at their clasped hands. Her nose was short and narrow, widening at the end, and the delicate nostrils flared softly as she looked him over. Her lips were lush, full, and sexy beneath chocolate-brown lipstick.

He had a sudden, irrepressible desire to nibble those lips. Cary held onto her exquisitely soft hand. His fingers didn't seem to want to release it. Instead, he gave it a little tug, pulling her close so he could lower his voice conspiratorially. "I'll forgive you if you'll stay with me and help me navigate this shindig. I have to admit I'm not really a fan of parties."

Her dark brown eyes sparkled mischievously, and he regretted the small confidence immediately. "Really? I never would have guessed."

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