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The Night Denizens

Author(s): Janet MacDonald

Mercenary lycan outcast, Caleb Lazerath, was given the same ultimatum as his brother, which led to Kaiden being framed and put in the federal pen on trumpeted up charges. But once Caleb takes on the job it unravels at an incredible speed. He soon finds the one thing he’d been yearning for all his life is his captive, and he has to risk everything to keep her from being rescued.

A jail cell is no place for a lycan. As Kaiden Lazerath sits in one, he looks at the possibility of rotting away on false drug and weapons smuggling charges. He knows his twin brother is fighting to get him out. In doing so it might cost more than either one of them had bargained for. The cause of all the trouble is a small delicate woman, whom he has waited all his life for.

Katarina “Kitty” Callaghan is about to become the sole benefactor of her family’s entire fortune, which she plans on giving away—every last penny of it. Money has never made her happy, has never filled the empty void inside her. It only added to her loneliness. Just before her twenty-first birthday she has nearly everything, except for the one thing money can’t buy. Then in a strange twist of events, that last missing part of her life shows up and he’s far from what she’d expected. The only thing is he’s not alone.

Warning: Anal sex, Menage.


The man fidgeted and looked the place over with a slight cast of fear reflecting on his face. People in Mr. Henderson’s social standing didn’t come into this area of New York City known as the Barrens. Not unless they were up to something illegal. The folks there consisted of bikers, ex-cons, hardened criminals and mercenaries just like him and most of them were Denizens. They were the creatures from fairytales and monster movies. They all existed, just not out in the open, and the Barrens seemed to have more than its fair share of them.

Mr. Henderson stood out in this crowd with his finely-tailor suit, nice clean-shaven face and proper English. He shook as he stood clutching a large yellow envelope. Caleb held his chuckle in check. If he wasn’t there to do business with him this crew would have done a number on Henderson.

The older man slid the package across the table. He uneasily looked around at the other patron’s in The Broken Cue bar. Caleb picked it up and nodded for Mr. Henderson to follow him into the back office. He didn’t want everyone in there knowing what was going on. Even though half the patrons were supernaturals, he was sure Henderson had no clue.

Caleb went through the contents. He eyed the pretty girl in the photos. This wasn’t his usual kind of job. “Who is she?” he asked, looking at the short, frail man.

“The biggest payout you’ll ever see,” Henderson explained. “Miss Callaghan is the richest lady in the States.”

“How big a payout are we looking at?” he asked with faked keen interest.

“Right now, she’s worth just over twenty billion dollars, but we’re only going after three hundred million. Split three ways, of course.” He watched his face carefully, and Caleb tried not to let shock show on his face at the astronomical amount.

It was more than he’d thought of ever having. But both Trites and Henderson would make sure to cut him and his brother out. No doubt setting things up so Kaiden and himself would take the fall for the whole fiasco. Then they could just disappear with the money.

“You’re sure there’ll be easy access to that kinda cash?” he asked pointedly. Most wealthy folks had their money tied up in stocks and bonds.

“Oh yes. The funds have already been liquidated into an account set up for transfer. I made sure it’s accessible via a clause in her trust fund.”

“Okay, it’s a deal. Tell your boss it goes down my way or the deal is off.” He growled. Caleb had no other choice but to take this job.

“You’re sure you can do this?”

“Of course I can. Here, this is for you. You’re going to need to wear it.” He tossed the large brown paper bag to Henderson. He looked inside, his face blanched, then he stared at Caleb with a look of disgust.

“Can’t you find someone else?” he asked with a croak.

“The fewer people involved, the less likely we are to get caught.” Caleb smiled cruelly. He wished his brother was there to see this.

His twin, Kaiden, was in the Big House. Securely locked away from all the nice civil people in the world. Henderson and Trites had made sure there was no way Caleb could refuse this job. His brother’s freedom depended on it.

After Henderson left, Caleb sat in the office and thumbed through the pictures. He carefully studied each and every one of them. These were personal photos. Taken by someone the heiress knew, as she was always looking directly at the camera. How the hell did Henderson get his hands on them, he thought. She was extremely pretty, young, and most of the images caught her with a smile. It didn’t seem to reach her eyes. They looked sad, empty almost. They reminded him so much of his own. He had to wonder how anyone with so much money could look so lost.

As he read the information his unwanted partner had left him, Caleb smiled to himself. Surprisingly, she’d be an easy target. There was no bodyguard to deal with and she apparently didn’t carry a gun. The takedown spot he’d chosen was in an isolated stretch of road leading up into the Catskills Mountains. He had full intention of releasing the girl after the money was dropped off via her uncle to Henderson. His partner said he had no problems with that either, which made this job simpler.

If by some fluke of luck they actually pulled this off and Caleb and Kaiden did get that kind of money, they and their mother would be set. The two had never had much in their adult life other than this bar. Thrown a bone now and again by his uncle’s pack, but otherwise they were outcasts left to fend for themselves. That’s what happened when a lycan female bred with a human. They were exiled. And that fate befell their mother. She’d been forced to raise her pups outside the protection of the pack.

Males had the right to breed with human women. As only they had the glands connected to their fangs to turn someone into a werewolf. Even then the chance of the change killing the person who was bitten was so great it was only used in desperate measures. Therefore, they tended to only find mates within their own kind, which wasn’t easy.

Females weren’t as frequently born. So when his mother had chosen a human male, it’d sent a shock wave through the lycan pack. His Uncle Tim had hated throwing his sister to the curb, but it was the law of their kind. And even he’d had to obey it. Tim at least made sure the bar was protected by the pack and had made it their favorite watering hole. It kept the place running. 

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-92785-914-8
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 10/09/2013
Publisher: Forever More Publishing

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