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Ten Commandments

Author(s): Stephen Betancourt

Ozzi has been abused since childhood by her mother and still living under her severe ruling, the now young woman, Ozzi has fallen in love with her neighbor, Henry. They meet secretly and are having plans to elope but when her mother finds out she and her lover’s plan, what happens next will change Ozzi’s life forever. Will Ozzi ever find happiness and freedom?



Five year old Ozzi jumped on the wall that separated her garden from the neighbor’s yard. She wanted to play with a nine year old boy perched on the wall, reading a Spiderman comic book. To get his attention, she forced a cricket she found in his direction. The boy jumped, startled and dropped his comic on his father’s head who was planting tulips.

“I told you two to be careful!” the forty-five year old man growled.

Ozzi jumped into the garden and ran around the man with the hose, until he was all tangled up. Angry and tired, he pulled her by one of her braids and went to Ozzi’s house. He rang the door bell and waited for Ozzi’s mother, Cleo, to open the door. When she did, he said, “Ozzi’s been causing a ruckus, scaring my son with a cricket and entangling me with a hose. If she can’t behave, I don’t want her in my yard.”

“I’m so sorry. It will not happen again,” Cleo said to the man. She pushed her daughter inside and closed the door. Pulling her by her braid, Cleo dragged her to her room and began to punish her severely by having her bent on her knees, shoeless, her hands and feet lifted up without touching the floor.

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