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Thompson's Contender

Author(s): Ilena F. Holder

Teresa Thompson is your typical financially strapped college student.  Now in her senior year of college in Michigan, graduation is just around the corner.  She’s worked numerous jobs to help pay college costs and she’s been getting outstanding recruiter feedback from the first job fair she attended.  With semester break ahead, she won’t be partying or traveling. 

It will just mean another catering job to pay for books and bills.  Her big-hearted roommate has just given her another gift, a pricey pendant watch.  Little does she know wearing this piece of jewelry will land her in peril and strange situations she never dreamed possible. 

Traveling ninety years into the past, she ends up holed up on a farm with gangsters hiding out from the St. Valentine’s Day massacre.



“She’s not the one who was s’posed to meet us.  It was supposed to be Jimmy.”  This was spoken by the tall man, the driver of the boat.

“Yeah, where’s Jimmy?”  This came from the short squatty man.

“Jimmy?  I don’t know anybody named Jimmy,” Teresa stammered.  “Unless he’s one of the guests tonight.”

This was starting to be fun!  Here the bunch of them were acting as if they were really gangsters and having the plastic guns and all really added to the fun!

“Since you don’t know who Jimmy is, I guess we’ll have to take your pretty car and go find him!”  Now the tall man grabbed her hands and pulled a length of rope from his pocket.

“Yeah, maybe we’d better toss her in the back and put a blanket over her…just in case.”  The blocky man spoke.

“Wait, I’ve got a better idea.”  The handsome third man spoke as he climbed out of the boat.  The other two turned to look at him.

“It’d better be good,” the tall man snarled.  “We don’t need any surprises tonight.”

“Let ’er drive—we’ll sit in the back.  If there are any coppers around it won’t look so suspicious.  C’mon you guys, she’s a local.”

At this point, he pulled her arms away from the tall man and rubbed her wrists.

I could start liking this guy.  But why were they worried about the cops?

“You guys are a blast!  I mean, I’ve done role playing before, but this is da bomb!”

“This ain’t no role playing!  Now get back in the car and do as we say.”  The blocky man moved next to her and stuck the barrel of his gun in her ribs.


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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0078-6
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 07/28/2011
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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