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Tower of Loneliness

Come With Carys Series

Author(s): Carys Weldon

There’s a few real psychics flipping tarot cards at the St. Bonaventure University’s Renaissance fair. The drama club’s booth is lining up fortune seekers in droves.
When dark and brooding Theo Veloz drops in wearing his frat toga, he is definitely bucking fate. He doesn’t expect Gypsy Ginny to change his stars…
Marsy Garcia is in love with Josh, the blond Adonis, great organizer of the campus renfaire. When he teases her into the Gypsy Ginny attire, she has no idea what the cards are going to draw. Not until Theo pulls the Tower card…and their lives are directed up a seven-year path of loneliness.
Destiny is their friend, though, and eventually the stars will line up, Mars will be in the seventh house and the sixteenth floor of the Tower of Loneliness will lave the sparks of passion into full flame. You don’t want to miss this!


Marsy rarely had a break, and those were brief necessity runs. Her quick hikes, with her long skirt in hand--yanked up to her knees, were worth waiting around for, kidding her about. Worth filing away. And they were getting Josh even hotter under his ruffed collar.
Josh knew he had to get away before he did something to mess up their friendship. Like throw her down, push her skirt up even farther and fuck her like a rapist. Jeez, all he could think of was the smell of her, climbing inside, collapsing on top of her.
It wasn’t helping that she’d shed the underskirt on one trip to the bathroom and passed it off to him with a flip, “Hold this for me, Josh. I was getting a little too hot down under, if you know what I mean.”
Lifting a sardonic brow, he’d grabbed it and said with amusement, “Don’t tease me, Marsy. A man can only stand so much.”
Totally unaware of the effect she was having on him and a little distracted, she said, “What? Sit down, then. I’m telling you, it makes your buns sweat.”
He’d laughed, but yeah, his buns were sweating just at the thought of her taking off her undergarments…one at a time. Sure enough, the pantaloon-style knickers came off on the next trip.
“Jeez, Josh. Take this, would you?”
He’d looked over at the porta-privy door and asked, “What goes on in there? Every time you go in, you come out with less on.”
“It’s freaking hot in there. That’s all I can say.”
“It’s getting hot out here, too.” He tugged at his ruffled collar. Then he lifted his surcoat, exposing his washboard abdomen, hoping she’d key in on it. Well, that or the fact that every time she got near, he got turned on. Did she notice his erection? How could she miss the bulge in his pants every time they were together? He wanted nothing more than to strip down, get naked, and raise her temperature to its limits.
Marsy’s gaze dropped. She pretended to clean her nails. Covertly she eyed the swirl of hair that rose up the center of his belly between his navel and the top of his low-slung, drawstring renaissance pants.
Noting that, Josh slid the tips of his fingers just inside the waistband and scratched idly, itching to reach further in and take hold of his interest.
She averted her eyes, fanned herself. “Damn, it’s hot.”
Reaching into the scoop neck of her top to adjust her bra strap, she said, “I think I’ll strip this bra next. Strap keeps slipping.” She got the high sign to get back inside. “Oops. The masses are grumbling. Gotta go.”
Sure enough, next trip to the privy, the bra came off. Wadded up in a bunch, she passed it to him, mumbling, “Sorry, Josh. I don’t know where to put it. Can’t hardly hang it over the crystal ball. Can you keep track of it until I’m done with this whole thing?”
He looked at the lacy, light blue fabric she’d handed him. He asked, “How hot could this be? There’s not much to it.”
Marsy’s husky laugh rained over him. “That’s what makes it hot, Josh. Jeez. Get a clue, would you?” She was gone again. Behind the curtains. In a tent that had a corner filled with satin flat sheets and pillows. The genie’s bottle. At least, that was the effect they’d been going for.
“What kind of clue do you want me to get?” He yelled it after her. All he wanted was…something. Some sign. Anything to say that she was serious.
Her head peeked back through the curtain and she said, “If I have to tell you….”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-116-6
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 11/12/2012
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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