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All the Queen's Men

Author(s): Mav Anthony

All the Queen's Men and Other Tales is a collection of four
sizzling menage stories that range from eternal night to the depths of the sea.
In Coming Home in the Night, Elizabeta has returned to give her old master,
Yves, a proper send off. She never expected to see her old lovers, Dug and
Tosco, too. Can the three of them rekindle their relationship?
In Triad, magicians Went and Artur live high in a mountain
keep. Beautiful thief Lissa gets more than she bargains for when she invades
their home. Will they convince her to stay? Out of the Sea gives us fisherman Grodin and Bardt, his young apprentice
and lover. After an accident Bardt believes he can hear a mermaid calling to
him, but Grodin can't believe the geri is anything but a monster. Will he be
able to admit he was wrong?
Finally, in All the Queenʼs Men, Trini is the heir to the
throne of the Zati. When her mother arranges a marriage for her, Trini is
furious. And defiant. It's up to Aide, Triniʼs faithful companion, to walk the
line between loyalty to his beloved Mistress and helping her accept her
betrothed. Indulge in a little magic with All the Queen's Men!

Trini read over the books of law again and again, searching for a
loophole. There had to be something. Anything. The law stated that
Mother could marry her off like she was nothing more than cattle.
However, she could choose to never see her husband, never allow the man
into her chamber, never speak to him. Perhaps, after a season of that,
he would return home.
Speak of the devil and he would appear. It seemed the adage was true,
for there was the ugly toad now, sauntering in and coming straight for
her, as if he had a right to her chambers.
She pointed toward the door. "These are my chambers, Toad. Quit yourself of them."
Balthar grinned at her, the odious pig. "Is that any way to speak to your future husband?"
"It's all I'll say." The temptation to wing her parchments at the man was huge.
He didn't look in the least bit put out. "And who is this?" the insufferable man asked, ruffling Aide's hair.
She stood, eyes flashing. "That is my Companion. You do not have permission to touch him!"
Aide leaned against her leg, his kneeling form warm, steady.
"We'll have to see if I let you keep him once we're married."
Trini's blade slid from the sheath at the small of her back, the edge
held to the bastard's throat. "It will be me that does the allowing,
One of Baltharʼs eyebrows went up. "I would be careful, princess. I
will admit that this union brings me that which I need, but you need
the Ferlinvarge, as well. And you cannot afford a war with us."
"I have no intention of warring with 'us,' only you."
"Semantics, darling." Balthar waved his hand in the air, dismissing her words.
She pressed the blade tighter, growling low in her throat. His hand
whipped out, grabbing her wrist and twisting it until the blade pulled
away from his throat. "I will not hesitate to retaliate."
"Do not believe that our women are puling hens like your own. We will defend our honor."
"You are the one with a knife at my throat, my lady."
"I am not now, nor will I ever be, yours."
"We shall see." God, the man was insufferable, his arrogance annoying.
"Shall I call my guards? You have no right to be here." And Trini had no desire to speak to him further.
"On the contrary. I am merely visiting my future wife. I have every right to be here."
"I may marry you, but you will never be allowed within my chambers. In truth, I will send you back to your father immediately."
"I don't think so, my lady." Balthar wrapped his fingers around her
chin, and pulled her forward, his mouth landing hard on hers.
She gasped, surprised that this man -- any man -- would dare touch her.
Kiss her. Balthar took full advantage of her gasp, tongue pushing in,
sweeping through her mouth like he owned it.
The sound of her hand meeting his face was shockingly loud.
He laughed. Laughed.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 1-60370-448-5
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 08/13/2008
Publisher: Torquere Press

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