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Amethyst in the Key of D

Author(s): Rob Knight

Daniel is an out of control rock star whose habits have his manager and his
doctor in an uproar. Trouble is he just can¹t face life without his
addictions, completely unable to give them up as long as he¹s on the road.
His life changes when he meets painter Eric, or Amethyst, wandering into the
man¹s shop one day on a whim. Amethyst¹s paintings fascinate Daniel, and the
man himself is an addiction he never wants to give up. Even if he has to
leave all of the rest behind.

"I'm telling you, Daniel, you have to start taking care of yourself. You'll
never see thirty-five if you don't quit...well. You know what I mean."
Daniel Legarte stared his doctor right in the face as he pulled out a pack
of cigarettes and lit one up, filling up the little guest room of the bus
with smoke. Doctor James hacked a little, waving his hand in front of his
Daniel smiled. He hoped it wasn't a nice smile.
"You mean the smoking, luv? Or the drinking? Or maybe the binges on more
illegal shit?"
God, the man drove him insane.
James sighed, packing away the little stethoscope and blood pressure monitor
while Daniel watched and smoked. They'd do this again in a month when his
vocal chords went and they had to get him another steroid shot. Such was the
life of the road.
As soon as James walked out, Daniel got up and headed to the back to get his
jacket, his extra smokes and his hip flask of Southern Comfort. He needed a
walk. As soon as he was out of the bus he called his manager, Aaron, on the
little flip phone they'd given him to replace the one he'd dropped last week
and busted right up.
"I'm going for a walk, Aaron. No, I'm not telling you where. No! Bugger off.
I'll see you tomorrow when we have to leave. I have the night off, remember?
Right. Fair enough. Bye."
There. Now he was free.
Daniel wandered. He bought himself a shrieking peacock blue leather vest
that laced up the front from a quirky little shop with a cute lesbian couple
who had a yappy little dog. He got a fancy-assed box of chocolates that all
had liquor in them. And he got a dildo. A giant one. A giant purple one.
Life on the road for the straights? Was great. For him it sucked rocks.
It wasn't until he saw the painting in the fucking gallery that Daniel
actually stopped and looked.
And looked some more.
Jesus Christ.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 1-60370-274-1
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 02/07/2008
Publisher: Torquere Press

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