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Blood Slave

Author(s): Missy Lyons

A human captive awakens in an underground cave to find the vampire who put her there. Natasha plans on keeping Rebecca as a blood slave. She will be well taken care of, but only if she pleases her new mistress.


Blood Slave
By Missy Lyons

Embrace the darkness and confront your fears.

Rebecca huddled in a corner of the cave. In her captivity, there was one thing that was always constant. She could always hear the sound of moving water. It was always there, her one companion even in the darkness that she could count on. It could have been anywhere, but the room she was being held in was dry. The river running through the rocks that probably carved out the cave she was being held. That sound of rushing water made her think it was close. She could follow it and maybe find a way out eventually or end up drowning trying to escape. It was her fear of darkness that stopped her.

Soft footsteps alerted her to her captors presence, immediately putting her on the defensive. She wasnt tied up, or held there by chains, but she was still a prisoner. Where was she going to go? Only a bat or a fish was going to get out of this cave without help, and she had zero rock climbing experience.

I know youre there. Silence answered her. Rebecca couldnt even hear her breathe, but she sensed the other womans presence. Have you not hurt me enough?

I brought you something. The voice came from the darkness.
At the sound of that sultry voice, she cringed, pushing closer to the wall.

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