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Dangerous Liaisons

Men of Danger: Book 2

Author(s): Blake Deveraux

Why would a happy couple risk everything when they have just begun to find happiness?

Daniel Deveraux and Brandon Matthews have just bought a new home. They have spent months working on their relationship. Things are finally going their way.

After loosing a close friend, Brandon befriends a handsome young mover, Charles. Daniel and Brandon take the handsome man into their home to help protect him from his abusive father.

Charles, confused about his life and his sexuality finds himself wildly attracted to the two men. Unwilling to risk his friendship with Brandon, instead he finds himself in an endless cycle of failed relationships.

Will Daniel and Brandon allow the handsome man that has already found his way into their hearts, into their bed?



Daniel watched Brandon head toward the door, smiling as he prepared to leave. Brandon quickly ran back upstairs, kissing Daniel. "Sorry, baby, I about forgot, Love you. See ya later okay?"

"Of course. I have to have lunch with mom today. She's flying in. Would you like to meet her later?"

"Are you sure you want her to meet me?" Brandon frowned.

"Baby, I'm proud of you, of the man you are. You are amazing, why wouldn't I want her to meet you?" Daniel smiled, patting Brandon on the ass.

"Well that, for starters." Brandon nodded at his friendly gesture. "She's not exactly wild about you living with a man."

"She's just old. She's just set in her ways, but she loves me and I know she'll love you. We've talked about you many times. You've talked with her several times on the phone. I think it's time you two meet. It has been nearly two years, Brandon." Daniel smiled.

"I've got to go." Brandon kissed him again. He left in a flourish.

Daniel watched Brandon and Charles climb into the new black S.U.V. Daniel was relieved that they'd decided to make the threesome experience a pleasant memory, one not to be repeated. Charles was far too sweet a guy to be hurt by what Daniel knew could be a disastrous situation. He deserved more. They all did.

Walking toward the kitchen, Daniel picked up the ringing phone. "Yes mother,"

A fragile sounding, yet forceful voice with a deep Southern drawl replied, "That's some way to answer the phone!"

"I have caller ID. I'll be at the airport when your plane lands." Daniel snapped, playfully.

"I'm in a limo, on my way there now."

"How the hell?" Daniel shouted.

"Language, young man!" His mother said crossly.

"You weren't supposed to land for an hour."

"Brandon arranged for a cute little plane to pick me up early. I felt like a queen. There was a limo waiting at my house and one at the airport at the runway. That was way too much. I had no idea there would be a limo when he told me to expect to get picked up."

Daniel stood dumbfounded, slack jawed. "Brandon did all that?"

"He seems like a sweet boy, Daniel. You could do worse for a friend. I'm so glad you two are rooming together."

"Mother, you know Brandon is more than my friend." Daniel said impatiently.

"Don't be fresh. I'll be there in a few minutes. Don't keep an old woman waiting, young man."

Daniel heard a curt click as she ended the abbreviated call. She always knew how to get around him. It infuriated him at times, the way she seemed to be able to avoid the obvious.

He'd made no secret of his feelings for Brandon, but since his father's death earlier that year, he'd been more active in discussing his relationship with his mother. His father loved him, he knew, but he also knew that his father refused to accept his homosexuality as a fact. His mother had accepted him. However, she’d never truly acknowledged the reality of the situation, that he'd never have the "American dream" she'd hoped for him; the wife, the kids and two point three kids.

He sighed as he sipped his morning coffee. He heard the large stretch limo pull up into the drive. He walked to the door, looking himself over, he realized, he probably should have dressed more appropriately. His jeans and polo shirt seemed a little casual for the occasion.

His mother exemplified style and grace, a true Southern belle. She still believed in dressing for dinner. She believed that there was nothing more obscene than rudeness. She also believed that men should be men, and women should be women. Daniel knew his lifestyle was a direct affront to his mother's traditional Southern upbringing. The only saving grace, perhaps, he knew his mother loved him. There was never a doubt about that.

Chloe Deveraux, stepped regally out of the limousine, her aged hand held by the tall, muscular, driver that looked as if he were a cross between a romance novel super hero and a Dallas Cowboy's linebacker. Brandon had gone out of his way to make this an enjoyable trip for his mother. Daniel smiled.

"Thank you, Brent." The attractive older woman smiled at the handsome driver.

"Thank you, Mrs. Deveraux. I've enjoyed the conversation."

"That's Ms. Deveraux and I’ve enjoyed the view."

"Mother!" Daniel gaped, shocked at his mother's forwardness.

"What? He knows he's a slice of heaven. I'm just letting him know I'm old, but I’m not dead yet."

The handsome driver's face reddened at the comment. He silently stood waiting for further instructions, as Daniel helped his mother out of the car.

"Come in, Mother." Daniel said, placing a twenty dollar bill in the driver’s palm.

"Thank you, again." Chloe smiled as Daniel closed the door behind her. "MMMmmmm."

"Mother, really is that necessary?" Daniel smiled painfully.

"Actually, yes, it is. Your father has been gone for some time, and at my age, it’s nice to enjoy at least looking."

"Touché" Daniel smiled.

The pair walked together, the older woman, clad in an obscenely overdone fur coat, her long manicured nails wrapped around Daniel's substantial arm. He looked down at her hand and noticed amongst the many rings; one ring was specifically absent, her diamond wedding band. A magnificent piece of jewelry, Daniel didn’t remember having seen her without it. It had been past down in her family for years. Daniel thought out loud, "I really miss dad."

"I do, too." His mother patted his arm as she sat down at the kitchen table.

Daniel walked to the counter, and poured himself another cup of coffee. "Care for some?"

"No, but thank you."

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