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Author(s): Kate Roman

 San Francisco bike messenger Matt Robinson lives to ride and rides to live, both his bike and his dispatcher boyfriend Jason. But when he’s injured on the job, can they ride the emotional ups and downs the same way Matt rides the hills of the city? Can he keep going for both of them? Or will Matt’s stubborn refusal to accept help drive Jason to do something drastic?


 Their roommates returned from a tour of the Mission’s dive bars around 2:30 that night and immediately began raiding the fridge, scrounging together a late-night feast. They sang while they did so, a pop song about shining bright like a diamond, only they replaced a diamond with vagina.

Matt was unamused.

In the tiny room he shared with Jason just off the kitchen, Matt stared up at a small square of light, the frosted glass panel above their door that illuminated the room just enough to preclude going back to sleep.

Beyond it, the commotion in the kitchen grew, with eggs cracking, and plastic crackling and the refrigerator door continually opening and closing. From the sound of it, it was their roommates, Allie and Nemo and a couple friends of theirs, Leitha and that girl with the big-ass nose-ring whose name Matt could never remember. None of ‘em could sing worth a damn, though.

Matt relaxed into the mattress and Jason’s warm body. He didn’t have to look over to know Jason had woken too; Matt had been fluent in Jason since they were fifteen and knew by his breathing and the tension in his skin that he too, was wide awake and unimpressed by the singing.

The smell of melting butter slipped in under the door as Matt tried in vain to get back to sleep. Giggling and rhythmic thumping indicated there was dancing now too, and Matt could almost hear Mr. Iostakos, in the apartment below, turning on a light and getting out his good stationery, lingering over the perfect choice of pen for yet another passive-aggressive note about the noise.

As a drunken argument broke out the second verse, Jason nudged Matt’s forehead with his shoulder. Hey.

Matt looked over questioningly. Hey what?

In response, Jason looked meaningfully down at his tented boxers. Hey that.

Matt scooted closer, his own boxers rising in response. He indicated the kitchen with a head-nod. Think they’ll hear us?

Jason’s shoulder rose and fell, slower this time, more languid. Think my dick cares?

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61040-631-4
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 01/01/2014
Publisher: Torquere Press

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