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Fiona's Pride: The Kiss of Seduction

Author(s): Kathleen Dale

When Rex gets hurt during a rare trip into the city, his lover Fiona goes to find him help. Fiercely protective, Fiona finds a doctor and brings him to heal her mate, leaving out the part where Rex can be a little furry sometimes.

Medical doctor Peter is shocked but intrigued by the shape-shifting pair, knowing that he'd never believe such things existed if he hadn't seen them with his own eyes. He fixes Rex up, determined to end it there, but Fiona and Rex are so seductive, so amazing, that he can't resist staying with them for just a little while… but what will Peter do when Fiona and Rex want him to stay with them forever?


Rex woke, thirsty and hurting. He blinked, trying to remember where he was, why he was hurt. He was in the middle of a pile of blankets and if he raised his head just a bit he could see out of a window, the moon's pale crescent just a shadow of what she was when full.
Noises from the city floated in through the window, along with a breeze that wasn't particularly fresh. A laugh brought a throb in his right haunch and the memory of why it was there.
A band of hooligans, little more than children really, maybe only just teenagers, hanging out together and wandering the streets, looking for mischief. How they'd guessed he was Leopali he didn't know, perhaps they'd caught a glimpse of his eyes full of the moon, perhaps one of them was a sniffer, someone who could smell out magic like a pig found truffles.
It didn't matter. The fact was they had known and wanted to see.  "Turn into an animal!" they'd insisted, their voices taking on that sing-song sound of mockery. He didn't -- he wouldn't, not for the likes of these, not for mere entertainment of bored children – and they had taken their cross bow, still legal, and the favorite weapon of those not yet old enough to carry a gun, and shot him in the upper right thigh.
Oh, they'd crowed. He could still hear the sounds they'd made as he morphed into animal, the pain driving him out of his human skin.
He'd run, terrified they would loose another arrow just for the fun of watching him squirm -- fun for them, not for him. He had to keep to the back streets and alleys. Shifters were expected to hold human form in the city, at least while they were on the streets.
The rest was fuzzy, though he was pretty sure he could remember pretty Fiona, warm fingers gentle on his fur, telling him everything would be all right.
He looked around as best he could without moving his head too much. The room he was in was empty aside for himself and the blankets he lay on. It was small and smelled closed up, despite the open window. And even the covers under him didn't seem to hold Fiona's scent. Where was she? Where was he?

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781603701778
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 10/15/2007
Publisher: Torquere Press

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