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Ghost's Sight

Author(s): Morwen Navarre

When Gerry is injured on a hunt, he is taken to the Witch’s home to save his badly broken leg. There he meets and is intrigued by her enigmatic ward. Ghost is equally captivated by Gerry, but all the young man has ever known is a solitary life as a witch’s apprentice. Gerry wants to make a life with Ghost, and he's willing to leave the security of his family to create a family of their own. Now Ghost must decide if that new family is a chance worth taking, and the choice seems clear: Ghost loves Gerry too much already to say no.

But when Ghost disappears on his way to join Gerry, the young hunter will need to hunt a more dangerous prey to find the missing apprentice, and Ghost will need all his skill to survive until Gerry can find him.


"Ghost," Gerry said, his voice slurring from the effects of the tea. "Is there anyone for you? Someone special?"

Once again, Ghost felt his heart do that thing, skipping a beat before jumping hard. He swallowed around the thickness in his throat. "No one, not ever," he admitted, his voice just a whisper. He took the now empty cup from Gerry's hand, almost jerking away when Gerry's fingers wrapped around his fingers and the cup. The calloused skin brushed over his. Ghost stared, wordless, before raising his gaze to Gerry's face. "I should let you rest," he mumbled, his cheeks feeling hot.

"No, please," Gerry said, his voice thick with impending sleep. "Help me get this tunic off, and then stay with me. Just -- I don't want to be alone tonight." 

Ghost nodded, his fingers trembling a little as he undid the lacing at the throat of Gerry's supple leather tunic. He helped Gerry to pull it off, a thin singlet underneath. Gerry sighed, laying back. Ghost put the tunic on the bench against the wall, taking the two quick steps that would carry him back to the side of the bed. Gerry had shifted over, making a place for Ghost, and Ghost looked at the hunter for a moment, hesitant. 

"Just to sleep," Gerry mumbled. 

The apprentice nodded again, toeing off his boots and peeling off the knitted tunic, letting it drop to the floor. He climbed into the bed, into the space next to Gerry, feeling the heat of the man's body through the thin fabric of the singlet. Ghost was bare-chested, his nipples tightening in the cool air. He shivered a little as Gerry pulled him closer, dragging the blanket up over them both, Gerry’s strong arm dropping over Ghost.

"G'night," Gerry mumbled as his breathing evened out and his eyes closed. 

Ghost waited, not wanting to move, just breathing in the scent of this man. He felt the roughness of Gerry's stubble against his skin as he dared to nuzzle his face into Gerry's shoulder. He thought his heart would do that ridiculous skipping thing again, but it beat steadily. It was not until his own eyes were closing that Ghost realized that his heart was beating in time with Gerry's heart.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61040-522-5
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 08/28/2013
Publisher: Torquere Press

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